Wednesday, 16 April 2014

It's Windy Down Here in North Kent!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here with you again!

I don't know what it's been like where you are but here we have had sunshine together with a stiff breeze the last two days! Not that it worries us, the ferrets get tucked up in their 'Ferret Bag' and stay warm and Holly and I have a good covering of hair to stop us getting chilly. Not so Old Two Legs who is getting on a bit and says that he 'Feels The Cold'. Maybe we should get him a big warm blanket to wrap up in when he goes out!

Down on The Beach both ferrets got a move on and headed back towards the path back to the car, they said it was just 'Too Windy' on the beach and they didn't want OTL to catch a cold!

I was more interested in the sniff that was coming in on the breeze, I was sure it was Kebab and Chips and it was coming from the right direction, Margate!

Mmmm! Kebab and Chips with no Chilly Sauce!
 On the steps leading up to the path a big pile of newly mown grass had been blown down the steps. Mr Brambles dived straight in and had a glorious roll in it saying that he 'Just Loves New Mown Grass'!

I jus' Love grass!
 Miss Snowflake on the other paw said that she much preferred the feel of 'Growing Grass' under her paws!

Give me the real stuff!
 While the ferrets were discussing the finer points of grass texture, I thought I saw a Monster in the grass. I did my 'Standing Up And Looking Big And Fierce Bit' and I gave the Monster a real good woofing.

OTL came past with the ferrets and asked why I was woofing at a bush?

I did feel a Bozo!

That Monster is Waving at Me!
 Back to home and a bowl of chicken for breakfast.

OTL was still messing about with stuff on the bench and seemed to be very busy, so we left him to it and sneaked of for a snooze on the bed!

Lunch time  arrived and The Missus pinched the small car to do some shopping, so off we went in the big car that OTL had spent the weekend cleaning the inside and getting rid of all the stones and ferret hair from the seats.

Today, he put the back seats down and made us ride in the back, 'So We Don't Mess p The Seats With Our Paws', as if!

The tide was right in but I didn't go in swimming 'cos it was still windy and blowing the waves about.

Holly and I went off sniffing and trying to mug the fishermen for a sarnie or two but they had eaten them all by the time we got there!

No Fish and No Sarnies!
We came across one fisherman we see quite often and he was throwing his worm out into the water to teach him how to swim. Holly did ask if it would be easier if he took the lead weight off the line!

Get out and Swim!
OTL was keeping a good lookout for insects but, just the same as yesterday, it was too windy and he had great difficulty in getting anything to stay still. They all seemed to be flying past at 100MPH!

He did manage to get this one of a fly called a Flesh Fly, (He identified it when we got home) and said that close by there had been a dead rat, so the fly must have been feeding on that and also laying it's larvae on it as well!

Flesh Fly
We didn't hang about 'cos we didn't want any fly laying larvae on us!

Then we bumped into a butterfly which we think could be a female Orange Tip. The male has super Orange tips to it's wings!

Female Orange Tip
We had been running about all over the place and as we headed back to the car, Holly mentioned the fact that we hadn't seen a rabbit all day!

Most unusual!

Do you realise, we haven't seen a rabbit all day!

Back in the car OTL made us get into the car at the back and sit in the back of the car 'cos we had 'Dusty Paws'

We reckon he should get us a proper carpet we could wipe our paws on as we got in the car, at least that would stop him moaning about our paw marks!

Off now to wait for TM, she should be back soon and we have got to give her a warm welcome when she arrives!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.