Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sunday with The Boys

Hi Woofers!
Daisy & Holly back again.

What a super sunny Sunday this has been! We were a little late in getting up this morning but when we went out, wow! It's just like summer!

We were late in getting up 'cos we went out with Old Two Legs and The Missus to visit No. 1 Daughter for a meal. Well they had the meal and we did some mugging!

Mind you, we had competition, living with No.1 Daughter and Partner is, Lucy. Lucy is a Jack Russell Terrier who is a couple of years older than us and she don't like us puppies trying to take over her food bowl!

So we had a couple of 'Discussion' moments, but nothing more than normal!

Tarty Lucy!
We had a super time mugging OTL for bits of his steak and of course, he just had to let Lucy have some as well.............we reckon she's a TART!

Afterwards we treated Lucy to a demonstration of 'Puppy Wrestling'. Holly and I did our mock fighting that shows anyone looking, just how super fit we are and how we can throw each other about!

Today, Sunday, has been super for food as well as sunshine. We stopped into the Lakes for a walk before going to The Boys house.

It was good to see them again and we got given a Rawhide Chew each, super they were!

Then we managed to mug a bowl each of beef from the Roast Lunch the Two Legs had.

Then after that, we got offered a bowl of chicken!

We were both just too full up to do any damage to the chicken, so we saved it until later for when we get home!

I think it is going to be an early night tonight, big bellies and too much running about!

So bye bye for now.

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly