Monday, 15 October 2012

OTL has to work today!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again!

Not the most exciting day today, you see, Old Two Legs had an appointment to do some work!

Poor Old Thing!

The good news was that he didn't have to be there until eleven, so that means we can go down to The Sea Wall as normal.

We didn't see anyone at all this morning, not sure what has happened to all the lads, maybe we are too early or they got there even earlier than us!

We had a good mooch along the path and at one spot we could sniff another lady dog had left her calling card on a weed growing out of the path.

Now, that's not such a big deal. Leaving a sniff of wee on a plant means that the wind wafts it about as it waves the plant about.

Clever or wot?

There was just one thing that worried us about this sniff.

How did she get it up there?
Holly came up with a couple of suggestions, both were impractical and one was rude!

Back home it was chicken for breakfast, after our brush. While we were having our breakfast OTL packed up all his tools and went off to work.

Come lunch time The Missus got out lead out, so that meant we were going over the fields for a change.

While we were over there, the farmer was spraying the fields with some stuff that didn't smell too exciting, so we stayed well away 'cos you never know what they put on their fields. I remember one time we came across a field that had been sprayed with cow poo, well fermented cow poo, 

Holly and I rolled in it for ages and we kept running away from OTL who was trying to put us back on the lead!

OK, so we had to have a 'Serious Bath' when we got home but we agreed, 'It Was Worth It!

But not today, we just stood and watched until Holly got fed up and found some horses to woof at!

Well, she woofed and she woofed and she woofed and finally one horse lifted its head and blew a big horse raspberry at her, that shut Holly up!

Back home and an 'Afternoon Snoozette' was most enjoyable, especially as it started to rain, poor OTL, having to work in the rain!

Later on he came back all dry and not smelling too bad, that's 'cos he put on his 'Boiler Suit', you know he looks super smart in that boiler suit a sort of cross between Coco The Clown and King Kong in drag!

We said hello in our normal fashion and soon spotted he had hurt himself, seems he had scratched his hand on a bit of sharp metal and it had been bleeding, so, a quick lick and off he went to wash it and put a plaster on his injured hand!

I suppose now he will expect cuddles tonight, just to make it better, well that's OK, providing he has got the shortbread out!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly