Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Sunny Monday

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with some more goings on in our little world.

As it was so sunny this morning we spent most of the morning in the garden. We were brushing up on our archaeological skills.  I was just opening a new trench when The Missus saw me and told me to stop digging in the garden!

I mean, we've only got three days to find out what the garden was used for in the Bronze Age!

Holly found a fossil with a particularly good smell attached to it, so we had a good roll on it. TM had a look and declared it to be a dead worm and told us we were 'mucky puppies'!

She doesn't realise just how technical this archaeology is!

So we had a 'field meeting' and fell asleep for a while in the warm sun, only to wake when Old Two Legs called out of the window to us.

A Field Meeting in the sun.
We of course knew what he wanted, 'Walkies'!

That's it, we were off like a shot, he grabbed his camera, we grabbed the lead and off we all went to the car.

We went to the Sea Wall again 'cos the tide was right in again.

We saw a couple of fishermen who seemed more interest in having a chat than fishing. In that sunshine I reckon they got the right idea!

A hard days fishing!
One of the good things about High Tide is that all the smells are concentrated along the high tide mark, which makes sniffin easier and it means you don't have to chase around so much!

Inspecting the High Water Mark.
When we get back to the car we always have to wait while OTL inspects the photos, so a bask in the sun on the parcel shelf is the best thing, we can see what is going on all around us and it is so easy to woof at anyone we want!

Waiting to go home!
Off home to some Lamb Mince and doggy biscuits and a snooze in OTL's office, what could be better?

We left TM giving our day beds a wash in the washing machine, still, it won't take us long to get them back to normal, a few carrots and a roll around in some super smell will restore them back to acceptable again!

See you tomorrow.

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly