Wednesday, 7 March 2012

OTL Finds a Sniff to roll in!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

Not a day for sun bathing on the beach! We went outside the front door and were greeted with a cold wind and driving rain!

It stopped raining as we arrived, so off we went on our hunt for sniffs. There was one Wormy Man out on the flats digging like crazy and Holly pointed out that someone had left their digging fork in the mud!

Where's Me Worms!
 As we were heading back to the car we spotted another camera crew getting set up for another interview with the RSPB man saying it's wrong to think about building a new airport on our beach!

No, we Don't want an airport here!
 Then they spotted us and rushed up to beg an interview from us, Holly said that they should contact our agent who wouldn't be available until next week!

Take your Airport and Shove It!
 We think it is a big cheek, trying to build an airport on the grass where we have our morning walk!

Old Two Legs, had a very busy day running around, here and there and over there as well!

We got a walk down the Riverside Park and managed to dodge the rain. Then it was off to the Bank to put some money in, after which we went off to the rubbish tip!

We got OTL to take us down the New Park, as we were so very close and he agreed!

OTL didn't bring his camera 'cos it would get wet, so, you don't have a chance to see what happened.

If your sitting comfortably, I'll begin.

OTL was throwing our ball for us and I was always first to get it. Then I would rush off into the grass, put it down and have a sniff. OTL would have to walk off the path, over the grass, to pick up the ball and throw it again for me.

It's a good game and gives him a bit of exercise!

OTL picked up our ball and took a step backwards, unfortunately, as he turned, he twisted his ankle  and fell over, backwards, rolling over onto his back with his legs up in the air!

Grumbling he got up and looked at us, still having a sniff, and asked us why we hadn't rushed over to help him up?

Well, said Holly, we thought you had found a good sniff and was having a roll in it!

That didn't go down too well!

So, he limped back to the car and we headed off for home!

Tonight we have chicken while The Missus is off to do her 'Master Class' in Brayering.

Bye bye for now, see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly (& A Smelly OTL!)