Friday, 8 November 2013

It can be Dangerous Here!

Hi Woofers!

Were back again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

You know that Old Two Legs gets up early to have his splash and paddle around the office? Well, he likes to get up early 'cos that way he can do all his paddling in private and not have anyone laugh at his technique, you know, thrashing around as if he was drowning!

Holly, being a right pickle of a puppy, has been getting up about ten minutes or so after OTL gets up, waits until OTL is well into his paddling, then she bursts through the office door and jumps up the side of him and gives him a big 'Good Morning' lick on his ear!

Well, that puts OTL off his stroke and he just collapses across the oars laughing, Holly and I are laughing as well and that of course gets the ferrets laughing as well!

Our walk along the Sea Wall was a bit damp and it took Snowflake a bit longer to warm up before she set off for the car!

Mind you, we did see her hiding behind a clump of grass saying that it was less windy there!

Not So Drafty Here!
She decided to stay a bit longer and called out that she was hiding and we were to use our noses to search for her.

Holly was sitting on top of the Sea Wall, right above where Snowflake was hiding and pretending she hadn't seen Snowflake, started to call out that Snowflake was lost and we should all search for her along the waters edge!

Oh No! Where has Snowflake gone!
 Of course Snowflake soon worked out that Holly was only joking and called her a cheeky puppy!

Then all of a sudden, Snowflake dived into the sea shells on the beach saying that she could sniff ferret!

She was getting all excited and saying that it might be a lost and lonely ferret who needed to be rescued like wot she was and OTL would look after the little lost ferret and she would give it lots of cuddles and keep it warm.

I Sniff a Lost Ferret!
Holly came down from the Sea Wall to have a sniff and declared that the sniff was indeed ferret, but it was an old wee spot that Snowflake had done yesterday!

Snowflake was so embarrassed!

Back home we all burst through the door to find Auntie Sheila there with The Missus making cards and sloshing the glue pot about.

'Come on' says Holly, heading for the stairs, 'Let's get the Woof outta here before we get covered in Glue & Glitter and end up like a sparkly ball of fur!

Auntie Sheila, one of the Glue & Glitter Girls!
 Lunchtime came and we went for our walk again but it was raining and after OTL had kicked us out of the car we had a little mooch about and tried to get back into the car, Holly and I just don't do rain, it's too dangerous 'cos you can get a cold and The Snuffles and you could end up in bed feeling all rotten!

The afternoon was spent snoozing on the bed while OTL was playing about with his camera. He was trying to take a picture of a long dead moth. One of those tiny moths that seem to appear on a summers evening and fly around the light.

Well, this one has been laying dead on the Office window ledge for ages and was about to get vacuumed up, together with the inch of dust that OTL keeps there as well!

But just for fun it became the 'Model' for the shoot!

Mortified Moth, Head On!
 Now, just to let you see what sort of size it is, the picture below is the moth, on top of a drawing pin!

The drawing pin was stuck in the top of a wooden something or other that has been kicking around the office for years, we think it held the roll of paper kitchen towel!

Still Mortified!
 By the way, did you like the play on the word Mortify? It was Holly's idea 'cos she is clever like that!

TM's off to her Master Class tomorrow so OTL has been instructed to get on with the decorating that he should have finished ages ago!

Tomorrow we are looking forward to a good long snooze while he is working!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles