Saturday, 12 September 2015

Rain and Shine!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles, Miss April and Miss May here again!

What a day!

First of all, before we left home, Old Two Legs got our rain coats out and invited us to put them on. Now, I know we are Woofers and sometimes we just ignore what Two Legs say but we aren't that daft not to know that Rain Coats mean Wet Rain on our heads!

So, with a little sulk from both Holly and me, we ended up with our coats on and heading for the front door!

We looked out side was raining!

Now, we knew that it was going to be wet 'cos OTL didn't take the camera with him and on top of that, he put on his Australian Riding Coat which has wax oil in every bit of cloth and the rain comes off so quickly that it runs straight onto his lower leg and into his boots!

Although it rained all the way to the beach, it did leave off as we headed towards the car park again!

Back home we got a second rub down with our towel and a roll about on the bed while OTL did his chores and the ferrets had a rampage!

May and April have this super game of 'Pretend Fighting' and roll about on the floor grabbing each other by the scruff of the neck and rolling over and over. They are Dooking and Chirping with delight and sometimes they both broke off and chased OTL and grabbed his hand or arm!

Now, when a ferret is getting excited like that they sometimes bite down a little harder that they should and it make OTL jump but he knows they are playing and is extra careful when they get near!

Mind you, it doesn't stop him from joining in with the 'Rough and Tumble'!

Then, after all that, it was off to the Caravan Shop for a bottle of  'Pink Rinse Aid' for the loo and a new cover for the gas water heater.

We had to stay in the car but we had fun catching the eye of the TL's who were looking at caravans and then shaking our heads slowly from side to side in disapproval of the caravan, like we knew what we were talking about, poor things were all confused by the time we left!

We got home, collected the ferrets and off we went to the beach again, this time, it was all sunshine and the tide was in as well!

Miss May discovered that when she went for a little dig in the sand, not looking behind her, up came a wave and washed her butt again!

She said she was getting used to it anyway and on top of that she had heard that Surf made everything clean!

What do you mean, wrong sort of Surf?
Miss April ran alongside the Surf but managed to keep dry'ish, well, she got her paws wet but as she says she likes the water it didn't really matter!

Can't catch me!
 I found a stick and woofed at OTL to throw it in, which he did, Holly sat up on the Sea Wall and refused to get involved!

I didn't care, it was good to have a swim 'cos I hadn't had one for ages!

Can you find a shorter stick?
 OTL was being chased by the ferrets who wanted to be carried along the beach and I wanted OTL to throw the stick again, poor lad, he ended up getting so confused he nearly threw the ferrets in the water for me to get and he nearly put the stick in the ferret bag!

I'm sure he's cracking up!

NO! Throw the Woofing STICK!
We all had a good time and soon it was time to get home 'cos OTL had to pick The Missus up from her Master Class, loads of boxes of stuff!

When she got back we gave her the Woofers Welcome, then settled down to see what was for dinner and whether or not we could mug some of it!

Last day tomorrow and then we are off to Scotland, so last minute packing and OTL's secret plan to get our stuff in the caravan!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles, Miss April and Miss May.