Saturday, 15 June 2013

Saturday Fun.

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back to see you!

We were up early this morning 'cos The Missus has one of her 'Master Classes' and we had to help take up all the stuff to the village hall. You know, I just don't know why it takes so much stuff just to make one card!

Boxes of card, paper, stamps, glue, inks, pens, crayons, pencils, hammers, screwdrivers, welding sets, hot air blowers, irons, ox-acetylene cutters, E Bossy machine, scissors and a wicked looking knife, well the list goes on for ever!

You know, there was hardly room for us in the car!

Old Two Legs had planned to do some photography of the plants down on The Sea Wall but the wind was blowing the plants about, so he soon gave up on that idea, he only managed just one picture of a plant and he didn't know the name of it!

Something on the path!
Back home he was busy trawling the Internet while Holly and I had our breakfast. OTL tried to have a shave this morning but his electric razor seized up, well one of the cutting heads did and he was panicking 'cos he had to meet some customers on Monday and didn't like to tell them he was growing a beard!

Having identified the shaver he wanted he tried to go to the local electrical store and pick it up but no one had that one in stock! Poor OTL, he was getting in a state!

So, he ordered the razor 'On Line' then got his tool kit out and had a look at the broken razor. In the end he extracted the shaving head (the shaver has three) that was causing problems and got it working again, but with just two heads. That should keep him going until the new one arrives!

After all that, he decided that he would try taking some pictures of the plants around the garden pond. Now normally that would be no problem, except that the wind was still blowing like a hurricane and the blooms wouldn't stay still!

He did try, but we suspect he will be out again when the wind drops.

Still, he did get this one.

Pond Plant.
Now we should know what the name of this plant is but the little plastic sticker has got overgrown by the plant and we couldn't see where it was, so we will let you know next time, honest!

Lunchtime we got a phone call from TM to take one of her 'Crushing Machines' up to the hall, so we used that as an excuse for an early walk!

Holly has been taking the mickey out of my hair cut saying that the hair around my back side wasn't cut properly and it makes me look like a horse.

So I asked OTL to take a picture so I could see and you know what? She was telling Porkies!

Does me butt look........?
Back home OTL got fed up with trying to get the flowers to stand still, so he went into 'Sneaky' mode and set up the camera on a tripod and pointing towards the place where the birds have their baths.

Connecting a wireless trigger release to the camera means that  he can sit in the house and fire the camera remotely!

Sneaky or wot!

This is the Bathing Area.
 It wasn't long before a sparrow and a starling dived in and were splashing about having a great time!

Plenty of room for two!
 After the starling left, the sparrow started to shout and twitter at the top of his voice. Holly says that he was complaining that someone had pinched his towel!

Who's nicked me towel!
 Maybe tomorrow, after he has done all the weeding around the garden he may set it all up again and try for some more sneaky shots!

Mind you, he won't catch Holly and me having a bath in there, too many snails for my liking!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake!