Sunday, 15 June 2014

A Ferret tries sniffing like a dog!

Hello Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

It was super and cool this morning, a gentle breeze blowing in off the North Sea. That means we can do a bit of running and chasing and Rabbit Hunting as well!

Mr Brambles even asked us to explain just what it is we are sniffing and what we look out for as we sniff.

Well, ask a dog about sniffs and the answer could last all week, and a bit more!

So, we tried the 'Simple Explanation'!

Now, first you approach from 'Up Wind'
 I explained that if you approached from 'Down Wind' you may pick up other sniffs that had nothing to do with the post or tree.

Mr Brambles seemed to get that point!

You start at the top and work your way down the tree or post.
 Holly took over and told Mr Brambles all about 'Following the Sniff' down the post and to make sure you gently sniff and not 'Snort' at the sniff!

Mr Brambles was following Holly's instructions but just couldn't get right up to the top or 'Start' of the sniff. He had a good try and stood on his hind legs but still wasn't tall enough!

Holly told him to try the area around the post 'cos some times doggy's 'Miss' the post! 

Mr Brambles does the 'Perimeter Sniff'!
 After that Old Two Legs picked Mr Brambles up and carried him the rest of the way to the beach. He asked OTL to check to see if there was a splinter in his nose 'cos he'd been sniffing close to the post!

I'm not sure but there is a sharp bit here!
 OTL had a look but there was nothing there.

Down on the beach we were tearing up and down the beach having a great time. I even decided to try some 'Low Level Flying'

 On the way back Mr Brambles tried to explain how to sniff like a dog but Miss Snowflake wasn't listening, 'I'm a Ferret and a Ferret Sniffs Like This!'

I don't care, I Sniff Like This and This How a Ferret Sniffs!
 Going back to the car OTL spotted a rabbit on the path and told Holly. Well, off she went like a Steam Train, pounding down the path, I was stopped waiting for any other rabbits who got spooked by Holly's charge and Mr Brambles was doing the 'Ferret Stalk', just in case there were

Rabbit Hunting, Woofer Style!

 The Missus had cooked our Chicken, so when we got back it was 'Tail Up and Nose Down' followed by a snooze in the Office!

This is the way to spend a Sunday!

Now, I know you are going to be excited about this, the pond has been 'Maturing' over the last two years. There have been bugs living in the pond and plants have been growing in there as well. The Lily Plants we put in put on a show last year but this year they have been really growing well. The round leaves are much bigger than they have ever been and this week, the first bloom has opened and there are three other buds getting ready to open as well!

The first bloom this year!
Now, there is another section of the garden that OTL has been 'Nurturing' and that is the 'Wild Flower Corner'.

He put a plastic sheet over the patch for a year and expected that all the weeds had died. Next, throw in a couple of logs and a tree trunk from next door, drill some holes to make a home for bugs and finally, leave it to do it's own thing!

We expected loads of wild flowers and buzzing bees and creepy crawlies but it looks like, at the moment, to be a big weed patch with a couple of Poppies fighting for breathing space!

Well, he tried but we will see what happens next month!
We are now off to see what OTL has for dinner, being Fathers Day we are expecting it won't be burnt, whatever it is!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.