Friday, 11 March 2011

A Trip Out With OTL

Hi Gang!

Daisy & Holly back again.

A warm welcome to Chris, she's the lady that goes 'Ding Dong' on a Sunday Morning!

Me and Holly were in Guard Dog mode last night. About three in the morning we heard a fox howling, just outside our back door, off we flew, down stairs, howling and barking and woofing. The Missus came down as well and let us out into the garden.

We had never heard a fox howling like that and so close! Well, we are big, bold and brave puppies and when the fox howled so close to us, we shot back indoors and from the safety of the kitchen we woofed it away.

Well, as I said, we were big, bold and brave, but not stupid!

Because of all that fun and games, we were missing out on our sleep, so we spent most of the morning in with Old Two Legs, having a snooze in our day beds, until it was time to go out on his errands.

We went off delivering some stuff and then we stopped at the New Park!

Holy and I rushed in and guess what? There were no other doggies there!

Where have all the doggies gone?
I know it was a bit windy and a little bit of rain, but not enough to keep them indoors!

So, me and Holly just had fun sharing sniffs together!

Sharing a Sniff!

When we got to the pond there was still no one around, not even the monster under the bridge and Holly had a good look to see if it was there!

No Monsters here!
OTL suggested we might like to have a swim, but it was too cold for that and Holly blew a Raspberry at OTL when he made the suggestion!

Raspberries to a swim!
We had a good run and a chase about the park and I swear that Holly is getting faster, maybe it is all that hair she lost when she had a hair cut that has speeded her up!

Speedy Holly!

Would you believe it? She is now learning to stand on her back legs like me!

Look Daisy!


See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly