Thursday, 19 February 2015

Squirrel Hunting Fun in The Mud!

Hi Woofers!

Us again!, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

I don't know about where you are but here the weather just can't make up it's mind! Like, this morning it was sunny but cold and at lunchtime it got all overcast and then just as we got back in the car it started to rain!

Before we go out in the mornings, the ferrets and Old Two Legs spend some 'Quality Time' together, in the office having breakfast, together.

Well, OTL has his Rabbit Food, a glass of Orange Juice and a cup of tea.

The ferrets have a bowl each with some Lactose Free Milk in it and a desert spoon full of hot water, just to take the chill off!

Both ferrets just love the stuff and it's 'Nose down and Tail Up' until they have finished both bowls, then it's over to OTL to try to mug him for the last couple of drops of milk from his bowl.

They only get a couple of licks each 'cos Full Fat Milk is not good for their system!

After they have finished, there is a game of 'Explore' all around the office and sorting out any new stuff on the desk top, which normally ends up on the floor!

Today there was something newish on the floor!

It's OTL's Spare Feet!
Both ferrets were in there like a greasy rat up a drain pipe! Mr Brambles was even standing on his head at one time!

Then he announced that 'Someone has Poo'd in here'!

Of course, Miss Snowflake came over to have a sniff!

Nah! Sniffs like Wee to me!
Mr Brambles wanted to know just how do you wee in there?

This is how it's done!
Trust Miss Snowflake to know all the answers, just like Holly Dog!

Down on the beach, the tide was out and the sun was shining and there was a cold wind blowing as well. Miss Snowflake said she didn't mind the wind, especially as she was dry after her wee!

Look! No Water Today!
Now, us woofers don't hang about on the beach too long, there aren't too many sniffs to be investigated but the ferrets seem quite happy to sniff every crack in The Sea Wall, just in case there was a Stoat Sniff to be had!

What are those Ferrets Doing?
Finally we were all back home and of course, Brambles pigged out on our biscuits, as normal!

I'm wondering what will happen when the bag is empty, will The Missus buy him a bag all of his own?

Lunchtime we were down the carriers again and OTL asked if we fancy going to The Forrest?

Does a Doggy Love Sniffin?

OTL put his wellies on 'cos he said it might be a bit quaggy but Holly and I said it hadn't rained for ages!

We came across a load of Snowdrops growing in between the trees and of course, OTL just had to take a picture!

First Snowdrops of the year!
On we went and as the path turned the corner what did we see?


Do they do Doggy Wellies?
Holly and I had to dance around the edges but OTL just went squelching through the middle!

There were some Puff Ball Fungi that looked well past their 'Sell By' date and OTL cracked a funny, he said that they were 'All Puffed Out'!

Oh yes, Ha, Ha, Ha, very droll!

All Puffed Out!
Holly and I were ducking and diving all over the place looking for squirrels but all we found were droppings, and we couldn't chase them!
No Squirrel here!
Then, high in a tree, OTL spotted a squirrel!

He gave us our secret 'Heads Up' call and there, sitting up on a branch, eating a Hazel Nut, was the fattest squirrel we have seen this year!

Of course, it saw us and started to give us some 'Verbal'

Yeah? Just come down here and say that!
Pretty soon it had finished the Hazel Nut and dropped the shell down on us and laughing, ran off across the branches!

I'm not that Daft!
Just as we were considering giving chase, OTL spotted a Nuthatch on another branch, obviously looking for the squirrels store of nuts!

A Nuthatch looking for some nuts!
We left him to it and headed off back to the car park. It was a bit slow going 'cos around the back of the forest there was more quag than normal!

We really do need Wellies!
Back home for a snooze and then off to mug OTL for some of his dinner!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.