Sunday, 31 March 2013

Time Travellers?

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here again!

We had the weirdest night last night, you see, we went to bed at our normal time, about half ten. Everything was as normal, Old Two Legs was snoring his head off and so was The Missus, then Holly started to snore and I just rolled over and went to sleep.

Now, we normally get up around six for a wee and then back to bed for our 'After Wake Up Snooze' but this morning, when we woke up, it was seven!

We have been teleported an hour into the future last night!

Now this has some serious implications! That means we would have missed our morning breakfast 'cos we would have been out for a walk the same time TM puts our breakfast out and if we don't eat it straight away, it gets taken away. So, if we're not there to eat it, Poof! it's gone!

You know, if this isn't put right we will have to get up an hour earlier every day, just to get fed!

We were still discussing our problem when we were walking along The Sea Wall and an Oyster Catcher said that we were lucky to get fed on time 'cos the tide was always changing and messing up his diner time by an hour every day!

Late Breakfast, Early Lunch, it's all the same to me!
As Holly said, 'It's OK when you know that it is going to change, but not so good when it surprises you without any warning!'

Lunchtime we met up with Max & Oscar & Pam. Oscar had got a cyst on his neck and it has taken a few visits to the vet to get him sorted out but he seems well on the mend, you can tell that 'cos he was all over OTL! 

Hello Girls, Hello OTL!!
 Besides Max & Oscar, there is Pam, she is getting on a bit and sometimes she can be a bit grumpy!

Today was no different, she was doing the old 'Woofing Trick', well that was until Holly took a look at her and said, 'My Oh My Pammy, that is the best coat I have ever seen, it takes years off you!'

Well, that was it, Pammy shut up, went all 'Little Puppy' and asked if it made her tail look nice and big!

Now I know that Holly can be crafty but that was the best yet! She is really a 'Silver Tongued Devil!'

Does My Tail Look Big?
 We went off along a path we hadn't tried before and Holly and I were on the look out for rabbits and missed the Pussy Cat sitting in the long grass waiting for a pigeon. OTL spotted him and didn't tell us!
 As we were a bit ahead of OTL we didn't hear it going Hiss at OTL, if we had, then that cat would still be running!

 The path was not very interesting 'cos it didn't lead anywhere and there were no rabbits! Just a few sniffs of doggies we already knew and one or two that were new to us!

OTL found it interesting 'cos he spotted some buds that had burst, OTL reckons that's because they are in the valley and are protected from the wind and get the warm sunshine!

Spring really is here!
 Back home OTL had a great game with Snowflake and her squeaky toys and he even took her out into the garden for a run around the pond. I think that as soon as the weather warms up we will be down The Sea Wall and Snowflake will see the sea for the first time!

That should be fun!

Fingers crossed for sun shine tomorrow and not time slips or teleporting tonight, we are confused enough as it is!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Snow, Wind & Cold!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back with you on a rather drafty Easter Holiday!

We were hoping for a bit of sun shine, gentle breezes and a bit of sun bathing. Wot did we get? Wind, cold and snow!

We'll be glad when Spring starts proper!

Down on The Sea Wall this morning we met up with Barney #2, he is a right pickle, tearing around all over the place, chasing Holly and me. Well, at one point I had to get up on Old Two Leg's lap 'cos I was going dizzy!

Hello Ladies!
 I've never seen a puppy move so fast! He was all over the place, we reckon he must get fed on 'Jumping Beans!'

He only stopped once and that was to give us a chance to run away!

Go on, I'll count to five before coming after you!
 Back home there was a super bowl of chicken waiting for the pair of us followed by a brush and a snooze!

OTL was playing with Snowflake who emptied the drawer again and then rolled over on her back, on OTL's lap, so he had a go at tickling her and she did a little chuckle and didn't bite him!

Now, that's progress!

 Lunchtime were were out again but it was even colder! The tide was right in and we met up with a fisherman who hadn't caught anything and what was worse, he had eaten all his sandwiches!

No Fish, No Sandwiches!
 We left him to get on with it but the tide was really rushing up the beach and Holly reckons that before long he will have to fish from the car park!

Chasing Fishermen!
 OTL was alternating between throwing the ball for us and taking photo's of the waves!

Small Splashes!
 While he was waiting for the waves, we were charging up and down the Sea Wall playing 'Chase'. First I had the ball then Holly would get it and it was during a 'Push & Shove' to get the ball, it rolled off the Sea Wall onto the beach.

Neither of us fancied going onto the beach to get the ball 'cos the waves were rather big down this end of the beach, so we decided that if anyone was going to risk getting wet, it was going to be OTL!

I'm sure it's your turn to get the ball!
 We stood for a while and then called OTL over to get the ball and put it in his pocket for safe keeping until tomorrow!

A Big Splash!
 Just around the corner OTL spotted a flock of Sanderling's trying to decide where to land but the tide was right in and the beach had disappeared as well, so they turned around and went back up the other end of the beach!

Come on Lads, it's this way!
 Holly reckons that it would be a good idea to get back home to a warm Day Bed and a snooze!

Snowflake is really moulting now and every time OTL picks her up he gets covered in her hair, you know we don't moult so all the white hair that is found in our house belongs to Snowflake.

OTL says that a moulting ferret is a good sign of Spring, Snowflake says it has something to do with the hours of daylight!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake

Friday, 29 March 2013

Another Daisy and the Sun Shines!

Hi Ho Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly & Snowflake!

This morning we woke up and went down stairs with The Missus, well after she gets up there's no sleeping in our house, she makes so much noise!

Today she was not so noisy, she was playing with her EyePhone mobile phone. So much to do, you know, Face Book, Internet, Es Em Es and all the other stuff!

Then there was the connecting it to the Eye Plod Thingy as well!

After Old Two Legs had finished sorting Snowflake out, we were off to The Sea Wall for a run.

It was a bit cold, the wind was still blowing in off the North Sea but it wasn't as blowy as yesterday, so, as Snowflake said, it's getting better!

Still looks cold out there!
I still don't reckon OTL will let us go for a paddle or even a swim yet, but maybe a week or two and I'll be there!

Back home we had freshly cooked Lambs Heart and settled down for an after breakfast snooze!

We know how to enjoy a Friday!

Lunch time we poked our nose out into the garden and saw that the sun was shining!

Snowflake was right, it is getting better!

It was still cold and a bit windy but it you got out of the wind behind the rabbit bushes, it was very warm!

Look! Point without a Barre!
Holly was well pleased with the sunshine and she even started to dance along the path. She said she was practising her ballet but I reckon it it looked more like Barn Dancing!

 The sun was out and as everyone is on holiday, they all have a walk along our Sea Wall!

Out for a stroll!
 The tide was right in and the wind was blowing the sea onto the shore and the waves were big and wet!
A big wave splashing against the Sea Wall!
 Holly stuck her nose over the edge just before the wave crashed against the wall and got a bit wet from the spray!

A bit further on the waves were coming right up the Sea Wall and were making such a noise!

OTL took a picture of the waves as they landed! Holly wanted to know why there was soap suds as well!

Sea Spray and Soap Suds!
We woofed at a couple of big old woofers we met but OTL stopped us 'cos he said we were being rude!

As we got close to the car OTL called out 'Daisy!' OK, I thought what's up with him? There he is calling me and I'm standing next to him!

Then he gets down on one knee and takes a photograph of a flower!

Then he tells me, 'Look, the first Daisy this year!'

The First Daisy!
 He does get so excited about such little things!

Back home again and Snowflake has been out running around the office. She has managed to get into the drawers again and this time she emptied the whole drawer and when OTL tried to get it back, she gave him a nip!

That got her into the 'Naughty Corner'!

Let's hope the sun comes out again tomorrow!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake

Thursday, 28 March 2013


Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back again!

Well, the sun wasn't shining this morning but the wind wasn't so strong, still cold and blowing in off the North Sea still but you can feel a change in the air.

This morning Old Two Legs took Snowflake down to the garden for a sniff. She didn't get down on the ground 'cos she says the stones make her paws cold, what a wimp!

She stuck her nose right up in the air and had a sniff of the wind and she agreed there is a change coming but it will take a few days.

So, there you have it from The Ferret, and she knows about this sort of thing!

We went down to The Sea Wall for a walk and OTL only put up one of his hoods over his head and that's a sign it's getting warmer 'cos normally he has a hood then his hat and then another hood over all that!

OTL doesn't do cold!

Cold, Innit?
We tried to get OTL warmed up by having a game of 'Chase' on the beach, Holly got the ball and we both chased her around, kicking up the sand and shingle!

I Gorra The Ball!
 OTL tried chasing her as well but gave up 'cos he is too slow, or rather, we are just too FAST!

I Still Gorra The Ball!
 Lunch time we all went out together to do some deliveries, we went all over the place. This time we went in the big car and we do like it in the big car, you know, leather seats, arm rests and we can switch the heater on in the seat!

Back home The Missus was having visitors, Auntie Jane and Zoe and Paul and Ethan and Finley and Megan! We missed out on the food but said 'Hello' to everyone when we got back. I was really whacked out 'cos we stopped for a run in the New Park.

Now normally OTL has always got a poo bag in his pocket, no matter what coat or trousers he is wearing but today he didn't. He was wearing his 'Hi Viz' coat he uses when he is working and normally doesn't need poo bags.

Well, he had to jacket on and Holly and I decided to have an 'Afternoon Poo', in the Park, as you do!

Now OTL is pretty good about picking up the poo, so searching around in his pocket he found a plastic bag with a load of connectors in it. He emptied the connectors into his pocket and used to bag for both of us!

It was a good job the bag was 'Heavy Duty'!

Back home all we wanted to do is go to sleep but we had to stay up and play with everyone. I got a bit cross but a cuddle from OTL made it better, and the Choc Drops helped!

OTL even brought Snowflake down to say hello and she didn't bite anyone! 'Well', she said 'Children don't taste too good and I'd only nip them if it were an emergency and I was starving!'

 When they all left to go home, Holly and I crashed out in the office, I'll tell you, it can be hard work being a dog you know!

Now, Holly and I have been having a chat about Archie and being a CaverPoo! We have decided that it's a good job our Dad was a Bichon Frise. 

Just imagine the problem we would have if he was a poodle, we would be known as FoxPoo's!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Sun! It's the Sun Again!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here and what a day!

We were up good and early this morning, mainly because The Missus wanted to get down stairs and work on a new design she had a dream about!

Well, off she went and we tried to get back to sleep but Old Two Legs was snoring his head off so that stopped us from continuing our sleep. So, up on the bed we got and a big cold nose in the ear is what OTL got!

That stopped him snoring and allowed us to start our 'After Wake Up Snooze'!

Of course, we were down The Sea Wall a bit earlier and Holly was a bit worried! 'OTL' she called out, 'What's this black thing sticking to my paws?'

Wot's this?
OTL called her a 'Silly Puppy' and told her that was her shadow and it was caused by the sun shining!

Holly took some time to settle down 'cos she hadn't seen her shadow for such a long time!

I must say, it was good to see my shadow was still there as well!

We had a game with OTL, he was on the beach and both Holly and I had fun chasing each other around on the sand. Holly even got hold of the ball and buried it, then she settled down on her tummy and said to OTL that she didn't know where the ball was!

OTL said he didn't believe her and Holly wondered what had given her away!

Wot! Me?
Then off we went again, all three of us chasing each other around on the beach, but I must say, OTL was not as fast as us!

Holly said that she fancied the idea of training to be a ballet dancer 'cos she says she has the grace and skill you need to be really good at ballet!

She said that OTL would have to get a 'Barre' so she could do all her exercises and just to show us how good she was, she showed us some moves using the breakwater as a Barre!

....and then Point!
I just couldn't stop myself from laughing, in fact I just had to run away or I'd have fallen into the sea!

That was it, Holly got all upset and chased me all along The Sea Wall while OTL took a picture of the sun beams!

Well, whatever turns you on!

Sun Beams!
Back home to a super chicken breakfast and off to snooze the morning away!

We went out to The New Park in the afternoon but OTL didn't take his camera, he forgot it! So you will have to imagine you see pictures of us chasing a couple of Westies and us saying 'Hello' to a Bozo Labrador who only wanted to chase his ball!

Back home OTL let Snowflake out and she had a great time running all over the office and OTL even took her into the garden to have a sniff of the fresh air!

She said it was 'interesting' to have a sniff but she'll wait until it gets warmer before she  asks to get down on the ground!

Roll on the warm weather 'cos we have been told that ferrets like a splash about as well! Holly says we can all go 'Skinny Dipping' in the pond!

Holly and Skinny don't go together but I didn't say anything 'cos Holly only does 'Paddling' and that is as far as her knees!

Did you know, when she had her first Shampoo & Set, she asked for a life jacket to be handy, just in case!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly & Snowflake

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

It's TM's Birthday!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back again!

Today is a 'Special Day' 'cos it's The Missus's Birthday! We knew it was coming 'cos Old Two Legs has been saving up his pocket money and we have been saving our Doggy Chocs to get TM a present!

We wrapped it up last night and left it on the coffee table for her to find this morning when she got up.

We know she was pleased 'cos we heard a few Oooo's and Ahaaa's as well!

What did we get? It is one of those leather bag things for her Eye Plod Thingy that she uses!

We know that she was pleased 'cos we got Lambs Heart for breakfast this morning instead of Doggy Scoff!

We were out early for our walk and as the tide was out, we had a chase along the beach and a game of 'Chase The Ball' but I think we enjoyed the 'Chase The Tail' better!
My Famous, Tail Grab and Twist!
Once again it was terribly cold down on The Sea Wall 'cos the wind was still coming in from off the North Sea, but there wasn't any snow, well not this morning!

We met up again with Barney #2 and I asked him who his parents were. He said his Dad is a Poodle and his mother is a Cocker Spaniel or it might have been the other way around!

Barney said that he was told he was a Cocker Doodle!

Holly nearly fell over onto her tail! A Cocker Doodle? That was the sound a chicken makes first thing in the morning!

Barney looked upset, 'I'm not a chicken', he said, 'I'm a Woofer'!

I'm a Woofer, not a chicken!
I said that Holly was trying to be funny and didn't mean to upset him, so he blew a raspberry at Holly and ran over to OTL for a cuddle!

We didn't hang about too long 'cos that wind was playing havoc with our ears and we needed OTL's warm gloves to stop them feeling cold!

It's fun with us both trying to sit on OTL's lap while he is warming our ears and after a few minutes we were warmed up enough to head for home!

Lambs Heart followed by a brush then a snooze in the Day Beds in OTL's office dreaming of chickens going CockerDoodleDoo on the car roof!

Lunchtime we did a trip down to the carriers to post off some stuff and then went back to The Sea Wall. It was still as cold and we both decided that it was going to be a short walk!

Come on OTL my tail is Frozen!
Even Holly decided it was too cold to enjoy all the sniffs and with the wind blowing into her face it was just no fun!

Home OTL!
When we got to the Rabbit Bushes we saw Bella coming up behind us. Now this dog is a total Bozo for her ball! When she came up to OTL, she was wagging her tail and woofing but the ball was still in her mouth!

So, instead of a real woof, it sounded more like a 'Nuff'

Holly said she should put her ball down but Bella is a real sucker for her ball!

Still, she is always so pleased to see OTL and he has never been able to get the ball off her!

Nugh, ya Carnt Hash Ma Bawl!
Back home to another snooze and tonight OTL getting in some Chinese so that TM doesn't have to cook on her birthday, so, with a bit of luck we may get a bit of crispy prawn as a birthday treat!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake

Monday, 25 March 2013

Barney #2 & Snowflake gets lost!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here.

Hasn't it been cold again today? We were out this morning down on The Sea Wall but after a quick wee decided to chase Rabbits instead and rushed off to the Rabbit Bushes. We saw a couple but like before, they didn't stay around long enough for us to have a 'Chat', if you know what I mean!

Drat! The Bunny 's Gone Again!

It was back to the car and full blast with the heaters please! Old Two Legs warmed his gloves up on the heater vent on the dashboard and then gently rubbed them on our ears, absolutely heaven!

Holly and were both sitting on his lap at the same time, warming our tails up!

Back home to some serious snoozing while OTL did his work, then it was down to the town to get some stuff. This time he left us at home saying it would be 'boring' 'cos he wasn't going to go to the New Park or The Forest and as we would be sitting in the car all the time we might be bored!

Us Bored? Never, we do loads of things while he's away, like woof at other dogs and then we woof at anyone who comes close to the car, then we woof at those two legs who don't come close to the car, just in case they think about coming close to the car!

Bored? Never!

Lunchtime we met up with a youngster called Barney, can there really be two Barney's?

I'm Barney! Gissa Cuddle?
This one was about five months old and just fell in love with OTL (Boring) jumping up licking OTL's nose. Then he ran around us, pushing and shoving and at one point I had to give him a 'Woof' 'cos he was getting too excited!

Then off he went and Tickle Me Tail, didn't we meet him again on the way back to the car!

Yeah! Teach me a Trick They'll Love!
That was it, I decided to teach him a super trick and told him to watch carefully 'cos your owners just love it when you do this!

...and the muckier the better!
Let's see how he gets on next time!

Back home to a warm bed and after a while Snowflake got a bit restless and rattled the door to Snowy Heights, so we disappeared down stairs while she and OTL had a game of 'Squeaky' with her toys.

Then OTL had to open the drawer to get something out and, quick as a flash, Snowflake shot in and started to unload the drawer contents into the back.' I want this as well!
This is a good game she has discovered, OTL has to take all three drawers out before he can find her then he has to put everything back while she tries to unload the drawers again!' I'll have the Camera so I can Photograph you!!
She is getting a real sneaky ferret!

OTL brought her down stairs to have a look at the garden, which was horribly cold, so she didn't try to get down, instead she snuggled up into his coat and refused come out 'cos 'It's nice and warm here!'

OTL has been doing some research on Ferret Shows in the area and reckons that he will 'show' Snowflake, just to get an opinion on her looks, but that will have to wait until the warm weather arrives!

Well, we reckon she has all the looks of a champion, just like us!

See you tomorrow, after we've had our tails coiffured!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake (Super Star)

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Chilly, Chilly, Chilly!

Hi Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly & Snowflake.

I don't know what it is like where you are this morning but we got a little bit of snow last night that was still here this morning. Just a dusting, not the real Snow Fairy, more like snow dandruff!

Snow Dandruff.

Oh my, was it cold on The Sea Wall! We got down to the car park and the temperature gauge showed it to be minus one degree and when we got out, well, I reckon if you add in the windchill factor, it must have been minus twenty degrees!

Seriously Windy!
Needless to say, we didn't spend too long on the sea front 'cos that wind almost cut us in half!

We headed for the protection of the bushes and as we got to the top of the hill Holly spotted a Bunny, sitting in the middle of the path eating breakfast. That was it, Holly got into 'Highland Charge Mode' and went steaming down to grab her some Bunny Stew!
 By the time she got there the bunny had finished off it's breakfast, cleaned it's teeth and returned to it's warm little hole!

Holly was not happy!

Around the other side of the bushes the wind was blowing just as hard and Holly reckons the temperature was down to thirty below!

Thirty below and falling!
 It was getting too cold for serious sniffing! If there was a chance of a sniff, you creep up, point your tail to the wind and sniff, but it was so cold the sniff would freeze on your nose and spoil the whole thing!

I hate frozen sniffs!
Back home to a brush, Chicken Breakfast and a snooze in the office while Old Two Legs plays with his computer!

Life don't get any better!

Well, that's what I thought until OTL got bullied by Snowflake to be let out for a run around. So, he lifted me onto his chair and out she came.

Snowflake and OTL had a super game where he would squeak one her squeaky balls, she then rushes up, grabs it and hides it in my 'Day Bed' then when she is chasing after the second one, OTL pinches the first one and gives it a squeak, then she chases after that one and at the same time, OTL pinches the one she has just hidden under the cushion in my bed!

Hey! That's My Bed!
This went on for ages and I must admit, I was getting a bit bored but Snowflake wouldn't give in and kept chasing after her toys!

She has six squeaky toys now and OTL says that she thinks they are her babies, mind you, looking at her teeth, I wouldn't fancy being one of her babies being tucked up in my bed, thank you!

Putting Baby to Bed!
Lunch time came and looking outside, the weather still hadn't improved, a real 'grey day' as OTL calls them. When we went out for our run and it was definitely a 'Quick One' then back to the warmth of our day beds!

Mind you, we went straight to the 'Rabbit Bushes' and caught several of them out in the open but either they were too fast or us being too slow, we missed out on Braised Bunny!

Still, there's always Next Time!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Holly Goes on Strike!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here.

What a day! Down this end of the world we have had rain, snow, sleet and cold winds, all at the same time!

We went out for our 'Early Morning Wee', had a sniff, turned around and decided to wait until later!

It was freezing! The wind was blowing everything about, trees, the sheet covering the shed roof and all the flowers!

When Old Two Legs took us down to The Sea Wall, the wind came howling in from the North Sea, blowing all the waves onto the beach, even though the tide was trying to go out!

Wind from The North Sea!
 Holly wasn't too happy about it all, you see she doesn't 'do' cold wet and windy. So, as soon as we both did our 'Business' she headed off towards the steps back to the car park!

OTL and I both knew what was in her mind, Home!

She stopped at the bottom of the path and turned around, pointed up the steps and said HOME!

 Then she legged it up the steps, so we had to follow and to be honest, I wasn't too keen on finishing the walk!

When we got to the car park, there she was, hiding around the back of the car to keep out of the wind. As we arrived she called out, 'Come on you two, it's cold here!'

Come on!
 Back in the car, OTL gave us a good rub down with our towel and started the car and switched on the heater!

There was another car that pulled into the car park and it had a big Alsatian type doggy that kept looking at us out of the rear window.

That was it, no Soppy Bozo eyeballs us! So I did my 'Don'tyoueyeballmeyouoldbagofhairandfleasorI'llcomeoverthereandfillyouin!' woof that normally works!

Me doing my woof!
 OTL turned the heater on full blast and drove off before we found out what the Bozo was going to do!

Back home it was Doggy Scoff, The Missus had put it all together before she left for her Village Crop.

So we left that alone and concentrated on trying to convince OTL he should get a couple of steaks out of the freezer and cook us a decent meal.

It didn't work!

Lunchtime we went out with OTL and ended up at the Doggy Shop! Oh that place is such a WONDERFUL place, the sniffs are beyond description and there are Bunnies in there you can buy!

OTL said that we would have to save up our own money if we wanted to buy a Bunny and on top of that, we would have to look after it and clean it out ourselves.

Look after it? Clean it? We wanted to eat it!

OTL said that would not be a good idea!

We got some cat litter and Ferret Nuggets for Snowflake and OTL got a couple of squeaky balls and another cat tease 'cos she has chewed the other one almost to bits!

Back home we all had a game with the new cat tease and Snowflake just loved it!

Tomorrow Snowflake says we can have a game with it, providing we don't chew it to bits!

Bye for now, see you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake

Friday, 22 March 2013

Freezing Friday!

Yo Ho Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back with you again!

What a day! We've been looking at the weather reports and it seems we must be the only town without six foot of snow!

Mind you, it was freezing on our morning walk. The wind was coming in off the North Sea and it must have been a force eight gale blowing 'cos both Holly and I were frozen!

Cold and Windy Sis!
 Holly reckons it was cold enough to freeze the tail of a Husky!

I reckon she was right!

Even the sniffs were too cold to be interesting. I only found one and that was an old one on a step, out of the wind!

Wotcha sniffin Sis?
We didn't hang about too long and didn't even think about Bunny Chasing either! It was back to the car and we both sat on Old Two Legs lap for a cuddle before we set off for home!

As it is Friday, the food man brought us loads of stuff to eat and to celebrate, The Missus cooked up some Lambs Heart!

It went down a treat!

Then off we went to the office for a snooze. Well that was the plan but when we got there, OTL was on his knees cleaning Snowy Heights, from top to bottom. Snowflake was trapped in the upper floor while OTL was inside cleaning out all the stuff on the ground floor.

Now this cleaning is very thorough and he takes out all her bedding and food and water and poo tray and toys and climbing stuff.

Now Holly, being a bit of a 'Piggly Puppy' spotted Snowflakes Ferret Nuggets in her food bowl and that was on the floor outside Snowy Heights.

OTL was inside Snowy Heights getting all busy with the dustpan and brush.

So, Holly had a sniff, then she had another sniff and then she had a taste of one, then she had a taste of two, then she licked a couple more up and then she got a bit carried away and stuck her nose in and started to chomp away!

OTL thought it was a bit strange, Holly cuddling up to him while he was cleaning, then he spotted the reason and told Holly that she was a Porky Puppy and he shooed her away from the food bowl.

Well, she legged it down stairs to get the protection of TM and sat there on the sofa licking her lips!

I bet she will have put on a couple of pounds after that lot.

When OTL came up stairs again to finish the cleaning, he looked at the bowl and said that he was sure there had been some Ferret Nuggets left in the bowl and he gave me one of his 'I know, but I can't Prove It' looks!

I just licked my chops and gave him one of my winning smiles!

Lunch time it was just as cold, so again we didn't hang about too much. We could see the waves out at the edge of the mud flats getting all angry and splashing about, ready to come back for High Tide this evening!

Angry looking Waves!
We had a quick game of 'Chase The Ball' but it didn't last long 'cos I pretended to loose the ball on the beach!

Bet he won't find it here!
 Snowflake got a fresh bowl of Ferret Nuggets and she spent the afternoon eating them and stashing some away in her bed, for later tonight when she gets peckish around midnight!

Tomorrow TM is off to her local 'Crop', you know, all Gas & Glitter! So we are looking forward to a fun time with OTL and he says that maybe Snowflake can come downstairs for a run around the kitchen, where we keep out food bowls..................................I've just decided that is a BAD idea!

She will be eating our food!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake!