Monday, 29 August 2016

We Got a Ball But No Water!

Hi Woofers!

We're back again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!

It has been a bit cooler here today in North Kent. The good thing is that there is no rain!

Old Two Legs was up late this morning so we all got another half an hours snoozing time!

That meant we missed all the lads on the Sea Wall but we did get some time to play in the sand!

I was sure I remembered where I'd left the ball so Holly and I joined together to form a 'Two Woofer Digging Machine' and we showed Miss May how we can shift sand! 

Yeah, OK, but have you found the ball yet?
 Holly and I dug three holes, one where I thought the ball was and one where Holly thought it was and just to keep her quiet, one where May said it was but......................

It ain't here either, is it?
In the end we all gave up looking and Miss April, from the comfort of the ferret bag, said that were it not glued on properly we'd all more than likely loose our tails!

Going on our results, she's more than likely right!

The tide was coming in but we decided to go home 'cos OTL is still working on the bathroom floor and we are learning new technical words that OTL uses when the tile gets put down and pointing the wrong way!

Lunchtime it was Fred and Wendy's turn down on the beach.

The tide had come in and was now retreating at speed towards the horizon!

Not that it worried us 'cos we had more time for digging!

No water to swim in!
 Holly and I got going on another hole but were not very successful in our Ball Hunt.

This is getting embarrassing!
 Then we heard Freddy call out, 'Guess Wot We Found?'

There he was with the ball!

Look Wot I Got!
That was just too much, a blooming ferret digging a hole and finding our ball! Holly noticed it first and asked where the hole was that the ball came from?

Freddy said he had filled it back in 'cos it was dangerous to leave a hole that deep on the beach where anyone could fall in and never be seen again!

I started to smell a rat or better still, a ferret rat!

The ball was all clean and dry and looking too new!

Me? Sneaky Ferret? Never!
No matter how hard he tried Freddy just couldn't keep a straight face and we could see by his twitching whiskers that he was up to his tricks again!

It seems that OTL got the ball out of the ferret toy box, took the squeaker out and tucked it into the ferret bag. Wendy found it when she wriggled into the bag and sat on it. It didn't squeak, so she told Freddy who decided to play a trick on Holly and me!

Crafty little ferrets!

Now wot's all this about Grubby Butts? Getting rushed off to the vets late at night is seriously bad!

When OTL decides to take Holly to the vet we get a syringe full of stuff called  Pro Kolin+which sort of  bungs you up until you tummy settles down, mind you, OTL has to squirt the prescribed dose down our mouth by squirting it down the back of our jaw!

You know Holly actually likes the taste and licks it off OTL's finger!

I hate it, so I get the squirty treatment!


Best of luck Archie Babe and just to let you know The Missus heard a frog croaking in our pond the other morning when she got up early!

Who knows, we may see one soon!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.