Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Can a Ferret be a Dog?

Hi Woofers!

We're here again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

What a Night!

We had terrible thunder storms last night, there was lighting flashing all over the place, then great big BOOMS when the thunder crashed after the lightening!

It was dead scary! Holly and I jumped up onto Old Two Legs bed and we stayed cuddled up until it all went away!

When we got up this morning there was still some rain falling but surprise, surprise, the pond had filled right up to the top!

Snowflake had stayed awake all through the thunderstorm, so she was still very sleepy when we all got up. Mr Brambles is a bit like OTL when it comes to sleep, it was a case of  'What Thunder Storm?'

So he was all wide awake and jumping all over the place!

OTL decided that instead of waking Snowflake up again, he would take Mr Brambles with us for a walk along the Sea Wall.

Today Mr Brambles was all up for the walk and even asked to be put on the ground as soon as we had cleared the car park. He was sniffing and snuffling all along the path and through the grass. He was a bit too slow for us but that gave us more time to get all the sniffs. He had to be carried a few times but he was going strong. We stopped off at our favourite beach, the one with sand instead of stones. Holly and I had a game of chase and we both dug some holes in the sand.

There was a pause in our game, just long enough to see Mr Brambles digging his own hole in the sand! He was going like stink! Shoveling the sand our the back and snuffling for sniffs!

'Hey', calls Holly, 'Look! A Ferret Dog!'

That was it, we both rushed over and offered to help Mr Brambles to dig a bigger hole, 'Ferret Off' he says and gives Holly a playful nip! Well, we went back to our hole, then came back his hole, had a couple of digs, rushed off again and then Mr Brambles came and took over our hole for a dig while we opened up his hole a bit more!

It was great fun and OTL was laughing his head off at us!

Mr Brambles even went and washed his paws in the rock pools on the sea shore but because there is mud all over the place, his paws got covered in mud and of course, he got muckier the more he paddled!

Just like a dog!

Holly said that maybe Mr Brambles is really a dog at heart and should be allowed into our gang full time!

Woofers Rool OK!

Lunchtime was a washout, Snowflake stayed in bed, Mr Brambles was snoring and outside, it was raining!

So, this day the only pictures we can offer are a couple that OTL took this morning with his new flash attachment for his camera.

A Hover Fly that Landed!
 These flowers are in the garden, by the pond, but if you were to zoom out you would see that they are in pots!

Freshly Watered.
 Last night OTL watered these flowers 'cos that was one of the things on his 'Instruction Sheet' left by The Missus, he watered the flowers, then the thunderstorm came a watered them some more!

I don't think he is going to water them tonight.

We got tons of these things on our pond, they skate around on top of the water without sinking, some thing to do with 'Water Tension' says OTL, well, all I can say is that it don't work for me, I just sink, no matter how tense I get!

A Water Boatman.
Guess what? We have been invited out tonight to do some baby sitting at Andrea's place and OTL gets fed as a 'Thank You'! That gets him out of the cooking and dish washing at home!

Here's hoping there is a nibble for us!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles (Honorary Dog)!