Saturday, 16 April 2011

Sniffs at the Doggy Shop

Hello Everyone,

D&H back to see you again.

We have had an exhausting day today, we've been all over the place, first of all there was the morning walk, then Old Two Legs got his list of jobs delivered from The Missus.

Somehow he accidentally dropped the list into the office paper shredder and could not stick the bits back together again. He was so scared that TM would tell him off that he didn't tell her about the accident!

Then we were off to drop some stuff off and got to the Post Office and the Bank, busy, busy morning!

On our way up to the computer shop we stopped off at the big green grass area and had a run around,but we had to stay on the lead 'cos there were too many little children and big children running around, so OTL wanted to keep us in check!

Spoil Sport!

After that we went up to the Doggy Shop! Oh the wonderful sniffs in that place, we dragged OTL all around the shop and back again.

Then we helped him decide on what to buy.

We went for some Chicken and Tripe Doggy Food, we didn't fancy the other stuff! Then we went for our treats, first there was some chicken strips, we love them. Then we got OTL to buy some Tripe Nibbles, we've not had them before so that is something new!

Then we got a big bag of Roast Pigs Ears, yeah, real super chewing stuff that is, and it keeps us quiet for a good thirty minutes!

But best of all, a real super new treat to keep us busy for hours is the two gigantic roast pig bones!!!

We could smell them through the plastic bag, they looked as good as they smelt and they smelt out of this world!

Holly and me decided that tonight, OTL could have his medicinal slurp of the Water of Life and we would not mug him for a bit of short bread!

Now, are we kind to him or wot!

We both decided that tonight we will be dreaming of those bones all night long and into our 'After Wake Up Snoozett'!

I'll let you know tomorrow!

Bye Bye for now.


Daisy & Holly