Tuesday, 17 November 2015


Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May and Miss April here.

First of all, a big thank you to everyone who has left messages on this diary and on The Missuses Face Ache page. You are all so kind and understanding of just how much Miss Snowflake meant to us all, especially Old Two Legs.

She is now resting, cuddled up to Mr Brambles and sharing his Wee'ing Rock!

OTL will have a couple of ferrets to talk to when he is in the garden doing to weeding!

This morning the Page 3 Girls were out with us, checking on the sniffs and generally ferreting around.

We met up with one of the Huskies who did ask Old Two Legs if the ferrets tasted of chicken but he was smiling at the time, so we think he was playing a game with them!

Do you think they taste like......?
 Miss April said she wasn't taking any chances and ran off to hide in the long grass!

You got to catch me first!
OTL picked both ferrets up and we walked on until they felt it was safe to get down. Mind you, they did keep looking over their shoulders, just in case!

I think we got away!
Down on the beach we were hailed from the Sea Wall by Barney No. 2 who wanted to come down onto the beach for a game but his Two Legs wouldn't let him 'cos the ferrets were investigating the 'Half Boat'!

Yo Girlie's!
Miss April did some investigating underneath inspecting the hull for barnacles!

No Barnacles here!
Mind you, April did say that she doesn't do wet and would leave any sailing on the water to some one else!

Miss May was still ferreting around inside and said there were no soft beds to sleep on! Holly said she needed to bring her own hammock!

OK, where do I hang the Hammock!
As we headed home, we met up with Young Poppy who told us that she had written to Father Christmas and has put 'A Ferret' on the top of her list, ahead of Bones, Biscuits, Treats and Toys!

I really want a Ferret as a mate!
Back home we all headed for our beds for a snooze while OTL did his work and The Missus headed off with Auntie Helen to do a 'Raid' on the local 'Craft Shop'!

Now, did we tell you about the Ferret Show being held this coming Saturday 21st?

It's being run by the Harrietsham Ferret Rescue to help feed and look after homeless ferrets until they can find a 'Forever Home'

Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles both won rosettes in their classes and we are hoping that May and April will keep up the good record!

The show is open to members of the public who wish to see what ferrets are all about!

The show is open at 09:00hr for booking in and the judging starts at 10:00hr.

There is hot and cold food being served all day and there is a Tombola with fantastic prizes!

Loads of free parking space, full details on the Harrietsham Web Site
Come along and meet us all!

May and April will be there in their 'Competition Cage' and Holly and I will be under the table 'cos we are not classed as ferrets!

Lunchtime we were back down the beach again 'cos the Page 3 Girls are in training for the show and are out jogging twice a day now!

We got going along the Sea Wall but came across a pair of 'Waders' as used by the Wormy Men when they are dancing in the mud. Problem was, no Wormy Man!

Do you think he has left them behind or have the Worms ganged up and attacked him and have thrown his boots back onto dry land?

Boots but no Wormy Man!
It was about then that the rain started. Miss April climbed up OTL's trouser leg and got into his jacket pocket, so she was warm, dry and snug!

Holly, May and I were left to trot back to the car 'cos we didn't want to get soaking wet!

I'm off, I don't do wet!
We all got a rub down in the end and enjoyed a long snooze on our cushions while the ferrets mugged OTL for some Ferretone!

Early to bed tonight 'cos we have got to be up early for another jog along the Sea Wall, May's training schedule is getting to the crucial part now!

Mind you, April reckons she will win 'cos she is so cute!

See you all tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss May and Miss April.