Friday, 9 October 2015

Holly gets 'The Treatment' and OTL gets the bill!

Hi! Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May here to see you again!

The ceiling was dry after Old Two Legs had his shower this morning and better still, it was still dry after The Missus had finished hers as well!

Claws crossed we may have got it sorted!

This morning it was all rush and tear 'cos Holly Dog is due at the vets at ten thirty. So, of course, we all over slept!

Our morning walk was a 'Quick March' and even Snowflake was a bit put out being asked to 'Get a Move One'!

I am Senior Ferret here and I deserve a bit of respect!
 She knew Holly was going to the vet but as she put it, 'You just can't wee on demand!'

In the end she did her stuff then said that if OTL was in such a hurry, he should pick her up and carry her to the car!

and I should be carried to the car park!
 OTL said that she needed the exercise and she should shift her tail!

So much for being 'Senior Ferret'!

In the end, OTL got Holly down to the vet and the weighing machine! This machine if great fun 'cos it starts with OTL telling us to get on the thing and sit down. The reason we have to sit is because the numbers go all over the place if we wiggle about. So, what do we do? Yep! Wiggle!

It takes ages to get the correct reading but it is so much fun that I have even seen other woofers doing the 'Wiggle Trick'!

Finally, OTL decided that Holly Dog is 9.8kg, which is better than last time when she was 10.8kg.

Mind you, it could also be 'cos she hasn't had anything to eat over the past two days and has almost poo'ed herself inside out!

The vet did what we expected, first stabbed Holly with a needle after checking her temperature under her tail. Then OTL got a big syringe full of gunk to squirt down Holly's throat twice a day.

So, we expect that things will pick up over the next few days.

Not sure about OTL though, he was crying again as he got out his credit card!

Back home and Holly and I got a bowl of chicken and rice to help settle our tummies!

The Page 3 Girls were awake most of the morning, charging about the house while OTL fitted another four shelves and two ladders to their cage, so they can now rush about all over the place chasing each other, and there is even a plastic tunnel they can and do run through!

It's great fun watching Miss April being chased by May 'cos, being a bit smaller means she can 'Duck & Dive' through all the obstacles quicker than May!

It got to lunch time and OTL wouldn't let them fall asleep 'cos it time for a walk!

They tried every trick in the book to be carried along but OTL said they needed the exercise just as much as Snowflake!

The tide was heading out and I just managed to get  a couple of swims in while chasing a stick!

I can almost touch the bottom!
Miss May misjudged the waves and went of to explore the sea shore when she got caught by the 'Fourth Wave'!

Oh Rat Holes!
Miss April has a lot in common with Holly Dog, both are not too keen on sea water! Like Holly, April loves to stretch out on the sea wall and catch a few rays!

I love a sun bathe!
We met up with Auntie Sheila and her family as they were walking along the sea wall, super sun shine made it an ideal day for a stroll!

Now we have been told by TM that Lucy and Toby, our Mates up North, are getting treatment from the vet and are responding well. Good on yer Woofers! Keep yer tails up! and more to the point, Lucy's mum should keep her tail up as well, droopy tails are not allowed!

See you all tomorrow!

We are expecting Maisey to visit tomorrow, so, we must hide the biscuits!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May.