Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Another Hot Day, for a Change!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back here again!

We were glad to hear The Beardy Bunch have latched onto Shortbread!

Super Innit!

We get a nibble when Old Two Legs gets his whisky out and has a 'Deserved Slurp'!

We think he may have a 'Slurp' tonight 'cos at three thirty this morning Holly woke OTL up with one of her low 'Woofs', really she just wanted to get up on the bed but OTL thought she wanted a wee, so he got out of bed and went down stairs to let us both out in the garden.

While we were having a sniff around the garden, we had a wee, just to keep OTL happy!

OTL over slept this morning!

We went for our walk along The Sea Wall and OTL took another picture of the Spiky Leaf Sort of Thistle Type of Plant. You can see the flower bud in the middle has started to open up a little at the pointy end!

We saw some lads jumping off the wall and then OTL spotted one of the boys sitting under the wall. He had a camera and was taking pictures of the other two jumping from the wall.

From underneath!

Not very good at flying!

What ever floats your boat!

Holly got a kiss from a young doggy who came bounding up to her and planted a kiss on her nose, then he ran off!

Hello Miss!
We went out with OTL to one of his customers, we couldn't go in the office with him, so we stayed in the car and woofed at the people going past!

From there we set off for The Forest and OTL found some more Lupins or Hollyhocks to take a picture of. Trouble was, just as he got in the right position, along came a Bumble Bee to dive into the flowers to get some nectar!

Runway 23!
 After the Bumble Bee had left, he took another shot which was better, even if the Bumble Bee had gone!

That's Better!
We didn't see any squirrels or stuff like that but we were sure they we looking at us, I kept feeling their eyes looking at me and I'd stop and do my '1000 yard stare' but they still didn't move!

Even Holly said she felt that someone was looking at her as well!

Wossat as Well?
The Forest can be strange sometimes!

Back home for some chicken dinner and a bit of gammon from OTL's plate!

He's a big softy really!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

P.S. We have taken Trev's advice and upped our bid on the Beach Hut by a Chew and six Doggy Choc Drops!