Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Missed Rabbits and a Lost Holly!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back with you.

Good news, Holly only got Old Two Legs up twice last night, so her tummy is getting better, but I reckon a couple more days and she should be OK. Mind you, she says she has never had such a well washed butt!

This morning we were down on The Sea Wall and had a 'Result', we found our old ball that got lost in the grass, it was the well chewed one but as long as we got it back, that's all that matters!

For the first time for ages, we saw a couple of Wormy Men out on the mud having a dig.

The Long Walk of the Wormy Man!
We also found a black flag on the grass, well, OK, so it turned out to be a plastic bag, but it still looked like a flag!

Well, it Could have been a Flag!
We got to the Rabbit Bushes and we spotted a couple sitting outside.

Here come the Doggy's!
 So we gave chase and as normal, they disappeared into the bushes where we couldn't go. 

Come on OUT!
That was until one of the big ones suddenly shot out of the bushes shouting 'Yah! Boo! Doggy's!'

Catch Me if You Can!
That was it! We both took off after this upstart, it was heading towards the church yard that had been fenced off, Holly and I were in 'Full Charge Mode' and blow me down didn't the rabbit go straight through the fence between the uprights!

Well, we couldn't get through 'cos we are a little wider than a rabbit, so Holly and I set off looking for a hole in the fence or a place where we could get underneath.

Holly found a hole under the fence and set off again after the rabbit, but she didn't see where it had gone! I was rushing around the outside looking for a way in and trying to spot the rabbit, we were unsuccessful on both accounts!

OTL had been following us across the grass and had spotted the rabbit doubling back towards the Rabbit Bushes.

Fooled Them, I Fooled Them!

Then it stopped in a clump of grass to see if we were following. OTL sort of sneaked up along side the clump and managed to get a couple of shots of the rabbit before heading off to find us!

Rabbit's in the grass and you Can't See Me!
He found me, charging around a bramble bush, still hunting rabbit but couldn't find Holly. He was calling and whistling and calling her but nothing! Then he spots her on the other side of the fence trying to find a way out, which she couldn't!

I got marched back to the car and OTL went off to search the Church Yard for a way to get Holly out. In the end he called her to the gate where he put his arm through the uprights and lifted her right over the top and let her rest on top of his head!

That was until he got his arm out and lowered her to the ground! She was a bit wet and damp and very glad to be back with OTL!

The only down side to it all was, I've pulled a muscle or something in my back leg, it's a recurring problem that comes back if I do too much hard chasing or running around!

A couple of  anti inflammatory pills from the vet normally gets me back up and running and of course, a snooze on the bed helps as well!

I skipped the lunch time outing and Holly went out chasing cats across the football field, but they got away as well!

So, at the moment, I'm curled around OTL's shoulders feeling sorry for myself, while he plays on the computer!

We missed out on taking Snowflake down to the beach again, but maybe tomorrow?

Bye bye for now!


Daisy (Limping), Holly (Asleep) & Snowflake (Still Snoozing)