Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Mid Week Again!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly with some more goings on!

Just a moment ago it was Saturday and here we are Mid Week!

Brrr, it was cold last night! Old Two Legs chucked us out into the garden for a quick wee before bed and I am sure I could smell a frost in the air!

Needless to say, the wee was quick and the return to the house even quicker!

It was OK this morning, no sign of frost on the grass, just a bit colder than normal. We got OTL up early by the old Ear Lickin' trick, me in one ear and Holly in the other!

Once again we were off to the Sea Wall!

Rabbit Hunting!
As normal, no rabbits! We did find a Two Legs sitting on the steps trying to read a newspaper. Now normally we wouldn't think that was strange, however, in this case the wind was blowing the paper all over the place and this TL couldn't keep it flat! Holly and I had a good laugh over this!

A Paper in the Wind!
We also saw a flock of Brent Geese flying overhead and Holly says that if you joined up all the geese they would look like a flying Sausage Dog! Typical Holly, always thinking of food!

Flying Sausage Dog!

On our midday walk, we went to the Sea Wall again and saw one of these strange TL who go rescuing worms from the mud flats. So we stood and watched him go out across the mud. He had Wellington Boots on but kept sinking into the mud and we were waiting for him to sink in so far that it came over his boots, but it didn't and we soon got bored!

Off to rescue the worms!

Along the wall came Barney, no relation to the rabbits, he is only eight months old and Holly gave him a woof, then he chased us around and we all had a sniff as well!

Hello Woofer!
Barney didn't want to leave us 'cos he was having so much fun but his owners called him and walked off, Barney went running after them, then came running back to us, then ran after them again, then ran all the way back to us before running back to them again!

Wot a softy dog!

Chicken for dinner tonight with a little bit of rice and OTL has got gammon, so we will mug a bit of that off him as well!

We do dine well!

See you tomorrow, OTL's off at the crack of dawn so The Missus will be taking us out for a walk, we hope her cold is gone by then, she makes such an awful sniffing sound and it puts you right off your own sniff!

Bye Bye for now!

Daisy & Holly