Sunday, 5 November 2017

A Snoozy Sunday.

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret here!

We love Sunday, it sort of starts late and just sort of ambles along all sort of at a slow pace, just right if you are relaxing!

Unless you live in our house!

Around four this morning Holly fell off the bed onto to floor! I heard the thump but didn't think much of it as it didn't sound like burglars bashing the door down and when I heard Holly go, OOOUMPH! I went back to sleep!

Holly decided that she wanted to get back so she did her night time  'wooof' which is a signal for Old Two Legs to switch the light on so she can see where to jump onto the bed!

Now the light is one of those hand held lights, a torch, he turns it on and points it down the bottom of the bed so Holly or I can see where to jump.

You know, I'm sure he is fast asleep when he does it 'cos he never says anything!

Having fallen out of bed, Holly decided to get closer to the middle of the bed where The Missus has taken over the space and that means Holly has to do a 'Wriggle' to shove OTL over a bit but that also means the duvet sort of slides off OTL and he starts to get cold, which wakes him up and being unable to get the duvet back, or shove Holly back and move The Missus, he decides that he should get up, well, it is six fifteen!

While he is in the shower, Holly gives TM a 'Good Morning' ear lick which wakes her up and she heads for the kitchen for the first cup off coffee of the day.

Holly and I sort of spreads out and we get really comfortable on the bed!

After getting dressed OTL says 'Good Morning' to the ferrets and gives them all a cuddle and a slurp of Ferretone before heading down stairs for his breakfast of rabbit food, orange juice and a cup of tea, which he shares with the ferrets!

It was a bit chilly this morning and slightly damp, so the ferrets managed to blag a lift in OTL's arms until a sniffy bit of grass attracted their attention and then it was wriggles to get down!

TM was up the village hall again for the 'Sunday Glue Slap' so we got OTL to ourselves. He played 'Chase' with the ferrets and 'Hunt the Ferret' so they all had a great game before going back to the cage for breakfast and a snooze!

I was a little worried in case he decided to give me a hair cut but I seemed to escape that for this week!

Lunchtime we headed back to the beach again and as we arrived, we spotted a strange looking ship with big metal towers poking into the air. Holly said that they were 'Legs' that they extended down to the sea bed and jacked the ship up so they could do things like drill holes into the sea bed!

Holly is clever like that!   

If they put those legs down, can the walk along the sea bed?
 Then we spotted them, loads of fishermen all throwing worms back into the water! There were that many we couldn't get onto the sandy beach 'cos they had all their fishing lines in the water and it was a 'Spring Tide' which means there wasn't much of the beach to walk on!

Too much water and not enough beach!
As we came down the hill several of them spotted us and the ferrets, now they couldn't be catching many fish 'cos the all turned around and started talking about ferrets!

One plonker called out and asked if the 'Puppies' were tame?

Freddy suggested we go down and bite his fingers, that would show him!

'Hey, Look, Little Puppies!
Wendy said it may be better if we all went down a did a poo under his umbrella!

OTL wouldn't let us so we had to back up the grass path, but we did blow raspberries at them!

On the way back home, we dropped in to see the Glue Slappers and both Wendy and Freddy got a cuddle and a tickle on the tum!

Holly and I had to stay in the car and guard it against robbers and Nargles!

This afternoon it was great, OTL cooked our chicken and after finishing it all we jumped up on his lap and we all had a snooze before TM came home.

Tomorrow is Monday, so it's back to work for OTL who has got to go out early and half way through the morning he has to go to the dentist! More pain, more money and you can bet it isn't just one visit he will need, it never is!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.