Saturday, 22 December 2012

Rain and Fiddling Success!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

What a day today has been!

We started off by getting up late, not that it worried us too much. We had a quick wee first thing, as normal, then back to bed for an 'After Wake Up Snooze'.

We weren't too worried about going out 'cos it was pouring down, in fact it has been pouring down all night! Finally Old Two Legs said that the rain had eased off a bit so, 'Walkies'!

Not that it really appealed to Holly who stayed in her bed and refused to move until OTL picked her up and carried her down stairs!

Off we went and drove through all the puddles on the way and many times the water splashed up all over the car!

Out we got at The Sea Wall and it was still raining!

Holly was not happy!

This is not fun!
I must admit, we did do our business in double quick time and when we got to the first short cut, Holly did her 'I'm going home' trick!

I'm off Home!
Back home we had a a second rub down with our towel, the first being in the back of the car! Then it was off to breakfast of Chicken and Biscuits!

Now this short walk means that OTL was able to get back to the Modem and Television problem!

He couldn't get the Internet Modem to talk to the Television Modem and he was getting cross with the system and kept telling it what he thought of computers, modems and something called CAT5 Cable!

Well in the end he had to go out and get some more cables 'cos instead of having the modem under the desk he has had to mount it half way up the wall!

Something to do with radio signals bouncing off the chimney metal lining!

Lunch time it was sort of working but only via a cable link but that was not the idea, so he decided to 'Cool Off' by taking us out again for a walk especially as the rain had stopped!

Down on the Sea Front we were jumping over the puddles and trying to keep our legs and tummy dry!

Too many Puddles!
Holly was having a rummage around looking for the rats nest when the rain started again! Just how much rain is there up in the air?

Any more rain and they'll change into Water Rats!
Well, we did have a longer walk but in the end we decided to take the 'Short Cut' back to the car and back home!

Come on, Back Home!
So, while we were snoozing in our day beds, OTL went back to the modems and a bit later it all suddenly burst into life and it works!

Who's a clever OTL then!

So, now we are all set for Christmas, the television is doing what it is supposed to do, OTL has cleared all the cable out of the way, The Missus is pleased and we are looking forward to mugging OTL tonight and of course, we have got to write our 'Dear Father Christmas' letter ready for Christmas Eve night!

Holly reckons we should be able to hear him when he calls and we can see what he leaves TM and OTL as well as us!

Mind you, we won't woof at him, let's face it, if we woofed at him he wouldn't leave us any presents!

Let's hope the rain goes away and we get a dry Christmas, you know, we wouldn't even mind if the Snow Fairy returns!

Claws crossed! See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly ( in the warm and tucked up in our beds!)