Monday, 26 November 2012

He's Done It Again!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

It has never ceased to amaze me to just how sneaky these Two Legs can be!

You know, you can sniff a chocy biscuit on their fingers and you offer to lick it off and they pretend that they haven't been near the biscuit barrel, just how daft do they think we are?

Just like this morning, there we were gently getting into the day, Holly was rolling onto her back in her bed, trying to forget about waking up before midday. I was cuddled up to Old Two Legs and chewing a bit of Rawhide chew that I had found at the bottom of the bed!

There it was, all warm and snuggly and set for a day of walks and rabbits and rats and other stuff as well!

We went out for our morning walk and looked at the sunrise over Sheerness, all the best places!

and a bit of Blue Sky as well!
Then I got attacked by a young Terrier called Charlie, who didn't like my cold wet nose under his tail!

Charlie with a Bad Attitude!
You know, he threatened to bite my tail off next time and I had to jump off The Sea Wall to get away from him!

Ooo, he was an angry young woofer!

Of course, he was all over OTL who tickled him and gave him a stroke as well, the creep!

The sun was getting up and the clouds were being chased across the sky by the wind and making holes so the sun could shine through!

So, OTL just had to get the camera out for some photos!

Look at the rain!
That was OK until we spotted the rain!

Off we went, running back to the car and luckily we managed to get back before the rain started!

Back home we had a super brush and some Doggy Chocs as a treat!

We could sniff the chicken that was cooling off and The Missus was tearing into small pieces for us.

Now, OTL says, 'Go on, into the kitchen and see what TM has for you' well, we know what she has, chicken and biscuits, does he think we have lost our noses or summat?

Still, we didn't take too much notice 'cos our eyes and noses were on TM and our breakfast!

We heard OTL go upstairs and only gave it a passing thought as he closed the kitchen door.

There was a bit of a 'Thump' from upstairs but we didn't pay too much attention, knowing how OTL is always dropping things and making a noise!

But then, as we were just getting into our breakfast, you know, 'Tail Up, Nose down', it was then that we heard the front door open and close!

He has sneaked off without us!

He has gone!

We rushed to the front window but by then he was half way down the road and heading for the hills!

Well, that was really sneaky, sneaky, sneaky SNEAKY OTL!

It didn't stop us eating breakfast but instead of having a snooze in our day beds in his office, Holly and I got up on his bed and snuggled down into his fleece that TM had put there, just for us!

So, we spent the morning snoozing and the afternoon as well until he came back.

Well, we forgave him and he got a good licking and woofing when he walked through the door this afternoon, just to show him we missed him, just a little bit!

Now, what has he got for dinner tonight?

Well, he has got to pay for being so sneaky!

Or is that us being sneaky as well!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly