Saturday, 8 October 2011

A night without OTL and a visit from The Cat Woman!

Hi Woofers,

Daisy & Holly here once more!

It was strange last night, not having Old Two Legs here to make sure we got our last wee before bed.

No OTL to tuck us in and tell a bedtime story!

What was worse, no OTL to wake up with a lovely lick and get a snooze with first thing in the morning!

The Missus will have to do, but she doesn't taste the same as OTL!

We got our walk this morning and breakfast of chicken. Did I tell you that last night we had Lambs Heart for dinner? It was new to us and tasted wonderful, another thing to put on the list of 'Good Food'!

Today Auntie Karen (The Cat Woman) came over to help TM make a mess making cards, she brought us both a present which was very kind of her. Well, we sat down to have a chew but then we started to argue over who's chew we were going to chew, that's when we got in trouble, again!

At lunch time we all went for a walk along the Sea Wall and once again we didn't get to meet the rabbits up close.

Then we managed to get TM to take us out over the football field where I chased the ball and Holly chased the stick TM threw for her, so all in all, a bit more exercise!

We are off to bed early tonight 'cos TM will be up first thing in the morning to watch the F1 racing, so I can see us getting an an early morning, after an 'after get up snooze' on the bed!

It's super curling up on Old Two Legs pillow 'cos we can still smell him on the pillow and when he goes to bed tomorrow, he will be able to smell us, unless of course, TM changes the bed clothes!

So, it's good night from both of us and see you again tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly