Sunday, 14 June 2015

Sunday in the Garden.

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

What a fun day today!

Yesterday The Missus was doing one of her 'Master Classes' and when she got home  she could hardly keep her eyes open, she was snoring her head off on the sofa at six thirty!

By seven she was in bed, snoring!

During the night, Holly thought she heard a noise in the back garden and did one of her 'Warning Woofs' at the back door which woke TM up. TM staggered down stairs and let Holly out into the back garden to do one of her 'Warning Woofs', then Holly turned around and headed for bed.

TM thought it was about four so was trying to decide if she should go back to bed or get up and make a card or two before everyone else was woken up with the 'Stamping Sounds'!

Then she looked at the clock, and then she looked again, it was just gone eleven!

Back to bed!

When we finally got up, at the right time, it was all off to The Beach!

Miss Snowflake was in and out of the sea weed doing wot she always does!

Careful Girl or you'll fall in!
Then it was a race to get up onto the grass path where both ferrets had fun 'Swimming' in the grass!

Come on Bumbles, shift yer tail!
 Mr Brambles was have a great time doing what he calls 'Grass Surfing'!

A Grass Surfing Beach Boy!
 Then it was Snowflakes turn but she did what she calls 'Grass Swimming'!

Grassy Beach Babe!

 While the ferrets were having a grassy Splash About', OTL was on his knees clicking away at a Goats Beard that was in full bloom, unlike the ones we have at home!

Mind you, the flower heads on the one at home is a lot smaller than this one, so, claws crossed we may still see the ones at home bloom yet!

Will ours look like this?

Holly and I were getting a bit bored waiting for the ferrets to finish their 'Grass Swimming' and OTL getting a flower to say 'Cheese'!

So, I didn't see him creep up and grab a sneaky shot of me looking bored!

Waiting for Ferrets again!
Back home OTL was out in the garden again and this time he filled up another two Wheelie Bins full of vegetation and it looks like he has almost finished. Holly and I were resting on the patio giving instructions!

Then TM came out to have a look and 'Suggested' that OTL put a mirror up on the shed wall, just to make the garden look bigger!

I'm not sure what the birds will make of their reflections!

We got a visit from Martin, Lisa and The Boys, Holly said they looked very different from what she remembered when she lived with them!

They had been to a party on Saturday and were a little, tired!

So, they didn't stay too long before heading back home!

Now we waiting to see what OTL is going to have for dinner, just so we can mug him!

Hey! Archie Babe, what's this about yer Butt? You been eating that grass again! We have seen The Hobbit DVD many times, it is one of OTL's favourite films, other than Lord of the Rings!

I reckon we can tell you the story from start to finish!

I hear dinner plates being rattled, so we're off to see whats being served!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.