Saturday, 22 October 2016

It's Our Birthday Today!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret here!

Guess Wot?

We turned on the laptop and fired it up and we saw this!
Happy Birthday Daisy!
 Wot a surprise! Google wishing us a Happy Birthday!

Holly and me are all of seven years old!

We celebrated by going on a long walk over the field and across the moor until the path disappeared and we had to go back the way we came. Still, Holly found some serious poo and I stepped into a big quaggy puddle of mud!

Izzy, Hamish and Bella came along too. Hamish found the same quaggy bit as me and Bella was looking a bit 'Damp' by the time we got back but they all had big grins on their chops!!

Great Fun!
OK, Where is Hamish, did he get out of the Quaggy Puddle?
The Missus had gone off to her second 'Master Class' so Old Two Legs had to clean us both up when we got back to the caravan!

Back at the caravan we got cleaned up and rested our weary legs while OTL shovelled Ferret Poo!

Then, as a treat, OTL took them for walks in the tree bit where there are Super Ferret Sniffs!

First is was May who just loves the sniffs!

We don't get sniffs like this on The Beach!
 Next Miss Wendy got a run on her own 'cos when they are out walking Wendy likes to get a move on but Freddy not only wants to drag his tale but he also wants to go in the opposite direction to Wendy!

No Nargles under this rock!
Freddy Boy has developed a liking for Rock Climbing since we have been here. He reckons the rocks here are more 'grippy' than at home 'cos these ones are 'Natural' and not concrete like wot we have on The Sea Wall!

Mind you, they don't have the sniff of the sea here either!

This is good 'cos I don't need Crampons!
Now you would have thought that we deserved a good dinner today, like roast chicken or a bit of steak but wot did TM leave us?

Doggy Scoff!

OTL sent TM a message suggesting Plawns and Plawn Clackers tonight as a treat, claws crossed!

OTL was working on his computer doing some programming on a radio for one of his customers when I got a sudden urge to go for a walk.

I sat in front of OTL and did my 'Talking' trick, he got the message!

On the way up to the top wall OTL stopped at an old tree, all sort of Old and Gnarled, just like OTL actually!

A Tree'ish version of OTL!
Coming back down we met up with Izzy and Co. Who were just starting their afternoon walk. Bella listened to Holly who told her of a 'Super Sniff'' just up the field and off she went!

Yep, she got a good roll while managing to eat some rabbit droppings at the same time!

Good on yer Girl!

Just behind that rock over my right shoulder, serious sniff!
Holly and I left them to it while we slowly headed back.

Holly was looking at the dales and moors but she reckoned that she preferred the West Highlands of Scotland over Yorkshire. Plus, she would have loved a beach to run on and have a dig in! 

Yeah, it's OK but I really need a mountain or two, just to spice it up!
 We haven't heard a thing from TM regarding our Chinese Takeaway so it looks like OTL will have to drive into Skipton and get one!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.