Monday, 18 February 2013

I find Snowdrops and Snowflake's in the Naughty Corner!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake again!

After last night, we didn't get up at our normal time, we were late, very late!

Holly said she had a Tummy Ache, Snowflake had a Head Ache and I didn't feel too good!

We reckon that Snowflake had too much of the Ferretone, Holly just pigged out on the Pop Corn and Carrot, I reckon that it was the Shortbread and the 'Twisty Chew that did it for me, plus the Pop Corn!

Old Two Legs seemed OK, except that his bottle of Malt Whisky has been raided by the Angels who normally pinch his whisky when he's not looking!

So, late out of bed means everything today is a bit behind, we didn't get out for our walk until nine thirty!

The sun was shining but not on us, it was misty and a bit colder than what we were expecting!

Mind you, it didn't stop us playing our normal games and hunting rabbits!

Throw it or I'll bury it in the sand again!
 OTL got all moody about some sunbeams!

Sunbeams over Sheerness.

 Back home, Snowflake was up and about when we got back and she and OTL had a good game of 'Chase The Squeaky' where OTL makes the squeaky toy squeak and Snowflake has to find it.

Then Snowflake runs off with the toy and hides it so OTL has to find it without Snowflake seeing him!

If she sees him get the toy, she chases after him and grabs it back!

Well, Snowflake was in a good mood and got all excited and bounced all over the room doing her 'War Dance' and jumping up at OTL from our 'Day Beds' and OTL was having fun dodging Snowflake's teeth!

Snowflake would run off and hide in between the  bags and stuff waiting for OTL to find the toys!

Go on, I dare you to try and get them!

Then it got out of hand, OTL tried to get the squeaky toy before Snowflake had properly hid it and Snowflake caught him doing it, so she rushed down to get the toy, missed and sunk her teeth into OTL's hand!

Naughty Naughty Snowflake!

You don't do that if you want some more Ferretone!

So that was it, OTL did the 'Owing' bit and gets the TCP out again. Snowflake says sorry but gets put back into her house and into the Naughty Corner for an hour, just to show her OTL's in charge!

Then we all settle down to snoozing or eating or in Holly's case, Bird Watching!

 Come lunch time, OTL had to take some stuff to the carriers, so off we went and after that landed up in The Forest! We haven't been there for a while 'cos it has been too wet and muddy but today it wasn't too bad!

Of course, OTL was all into reflections and colours!

Spring is in the air!
Then he says to us, 'Find me some Snowdrops, I haven't seen any at all this year!'

So, off we went Ferreting around and Holly comes up with the flowers!

That pleased OTL and he spent some time on his knees trying to get a good shot of the Snowdrops. He said he didn't have the right lens with him but as Holly says, 'A poor workman always blames his tools!'

2013 Snowdrops.
While OTL was messing about with the Snowdrops, we went of Hunting Squirrel!

Us, Hunting!
We searched all over the place and at one time spotted one on the ground, trouble was, he spotted us just as we spotted him and he had plenty of time to scamper up the tree before we got to him!

Of course, OTL managed to get a shot of him, on a high branch, throwing Squirrel Insults down upon us!

Squirrel Chops going Nah, Nah Nah!
Holly says he will remember what he looked like so the next time we see him he will be in trouble!

Back home, the Skyfall DVD had arrived in the post, so we are all set for tonight!

More Pop Corn for me and Holly wants an Ice Cream Slice and Snowflake said she will have a Lolly (dipped in Ferretone)!

OTL says he will have some Shortbread dipped in Malt Whisky, as normal!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake