Saturday, 2 July 2011

Another Adventure with Old Two Legs

Hello All!

Daisy & Holly back with you again.

We've been out today with Old Two Legs on an Adventure!

We went out this morning for our normal walk across the fields and on the way back we saw The Missus and Auntie Sheila heading off to Auntie Karen's (Cat Person) place for a day of card making.Well, she had gathered all her card making toys and said she had 'an idea' for a card!

OTL gave us our breakfast and then proceeded to load the big car with all his photography toys and our stuff. Water, nibbles, lunch, and even more nibbles.

Off we went to Stodmarsh, which is a bird watching place OTL likes to go and as he took his big lens with him we knew that we were bound to have some fun in the bird hides.

When we got there, OTL took us for a walk along side the marshes, just to exercise our legs 'cos we'd been snoozing most of the way down and were in need of a walk. We spotted some Warblers and Tree Creepers and when we got to the first hide we saw loads of big fish dead, floating on the water.OTL reckons it must be the hot weather and lack of oxygen in the water, cos the small fish seemed to be still around. We saw a Little Egret catch and eat one, so that's how we know the little fish are OK.

OTL then went back to the car and got his camera and stuff set up. We went back to the hide and he took a picture of a Common Tern that OTL said was trying to look like a Vikings Winged Helmet!

Common Tern

We also saw a couple of Little Egret's that OTL thought that they were parent and young. They were chasing all over the place eating little fish!

Little Egret
A Young Little Egret
Holly and I had fun chasing up and down the path, we were running back and forth chasing each other and woofing at the ducks, there were loads of ducks in the reeds having their midday snooze. OTL said that one lot were Gadwall's and they looked like this years brood.

Snoozy Gadwall's
I nearly forgot, OTL found a moth this morning and it was one he had never seen before, so he dashed off an email to the 'Experts' to see if they knew what it was.

The answer came back, it was a 'Small Ranunculus' which was thought to have gone extinct a few years ago, but seems to have come back recently and has been seen in Kent. Well of course, we are in Kent and we have found it again.

OTL says that he 'Experts' want to put his picture on their web site and put his name as finder of this extinct moth, so now, OTL is going to be famous for being a Big White Hunter and the finder of an extinct moth!

Small Ranunculus

Small Ranunculus
This moth was not looking very well and shortly after he took the pictures, he put it back on the shed window ledge where he found it.

We saw a sparrow fly down and eat it. So now we could really say that it is an extinct moth!

See you again soon!


Daisy & Holly