Monday, 18 November 2013

Wot a FEAST!

Hi Woofers!

It's Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

We have had some fun today! It started off this morning when we decided to wake Old Two Leg up 'cos he was over sleeping!

Holly and I jumped up on the bed and gave his head a good lick and Holly set about his nose and between us we woke him up.

Then he rolled over onto his back and went to sleep again!

Holly and I were just about out of licks so we snuggled down next to him and had an extra hours snooze! Holly, cheeky Pup, snuggled right up under his arm and put her head onto his shoulder, now that's a 'Serious Cuddle'!

Mr Brambles and Snowflake were busting to get out 'cos they missed out of their walk yesterday so they were rattling on the cage  door to be let out!

It was a bit muggy down on The Sea Wall, dull, overcast and a misty rain.

Not that it worried Holly and I but Snowflake did protest a bit and Mr Brambles didn't make such a fuss about getting down onto the ground until OTL had got almost to the beach!

Come on, do a wee and let's get back to the car!
While we were on the beach a couple of Boarder terriers came past us on the Sea Wall and they were on a lead. So we woofed at them and they woofed at us and we woofed at them and they woofed at us!

It was great fun!

Snowflake and Mr Brambles couldn't see the woofers so were a bit worried in case they wanted to jump down from the wall and land on top of them!

Woof Off or I'll be up to Sort You Out!
Snowflake got all big and brave, she fluffed herself up as far as she could go and shouted out that they should Woof Off!

We are not sure if it worked or not but at the moment she had finished shouting, the dogs stopped woofing and were dragged away by their owner.

As Mr Brambles said, 'You don't mess with Snowflake when she Fluffs Up!

I must admit, we were very quiet as well!

No, I didn't say a woof, it must be someone else!
Now, yesterday Michael said that we would have loads of Fungi photo's to look at, well, just so he is not disappointed here is one OTL took on Sunday, just the one you will get today!

Stag's Horn Fungus
We got back home and The Missus put down a bowl of Lambs Heart for us but neither Holly or I felt hungry, so we left it for later. As normal, TM took it as a personal insult that we didn't eat the heart straight away. She stomped off mumbling about us being too picky for our own good!

Do we care? If you're not hungry, then you're not hungry, nuffin' we can do about it!

Well, as some sort of punishment we were left at home while OTL and TM went off to do some shopping, not that it worried us 'cos we both had a good snooze on the bed while they were out!

Lunch time we were down the Sea Wall again but the weather hadn't got any better and Holly reckons that we could even get some snow later this week!

OTL had brought his big camera with him but had forgot to change the lens over, so all he had was the 50mm f1.8 which as he says is a 'Fast Lens' but not good for zooming in on distant things. So, just to help out, Holly and I went ZOOOOOM1 towards OTL while he crouched down to take our picture!

Me, doing a ZOOOOM!
We were having fun Zoooming for OTL but around the corner we bumped into that Bozo Labrador that always wants to sniff our bottoms and when we growl at him he starts to get all 'Showy Off'!

Well, this time OTL was down on his knees waiting for us when The Bozo ran up in front of OTL saying 'Wot You doing Mister?'

Just at that moment OTL pressed the shutter release and 'Click' we got a Bozo's nose and everything else is fading into Bokeh!
Woof Off Bozo!
For some reason OTL liked this photo of the Bozo and his Big Nose!

 Holly and I get past him and carry on our ZOOOOMING for OTL. This time we all voted that Holly did the best Zooom  on the Sea Wall!

A ZOOOM with Style!
 Back home TM had been busy, no, not making cards but instead she had cooked up the left overs from OTL's massive 'Batch Curry Cook Up' that TM did yesterday or was it Friday? Well, anyway, she cooked these scraps and put them down in our bowls for us to find and of course, we found them and they didn't hang around for long, chomp, chomp and there we were with big full tummy's and an empty bowl.

Now, if only she would do that instead of dishing up that Doggy Scoff, you know she would get a cuddle every night!

Not sure what's for dinner tonight but we will have fun mugging OTL all the same!

Michael and Sue plan to drop in tomorrow, so that will be fun, more chance of some muggings!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake & Mr Brambles!