Sunday, 17 April 2011

Getting ready for Easter!

Yo Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here with some more fun.

Today The Missus packed her card making stuff and went off to her local crop in the village hall for another day of gassing and little card making. You know she takes mountains of cardy type stuff and comes back with nothing except a drawing or two she has painted!

We didn't care, Old Two Legs and us washed the caravan, and got it all ready for the Easter Holiday we have booked. Well, OTL did all the washing and we played inside the caravan, having play fights and watching from the windows for dogs and cats or people we can woof at!

Watching OTL do the washing was fun, he has not washed the van since last year and it had got a bit grubby and there was some moss and dead leaves on the roof, so, there was OTL stretched across the roof trying to wash off all this stuff and the water was running all over the roof and down the sides of the caravan. OTL was up a ladder by the side of the caravan and the water was coming off the roof and down OTL's trousers and soaking him from the waist down!

Holly and me were laughing so hard we fell off the seat and onto the floor!

It took OTL most of the morning to get the caravan looking clean and when he finished at around two, we asked if we could have a walk down by the sea. Yeah, it was great going down to the beach again after being stuck inside the caravan all morning!

Mind you, OTL had to change out of all his wet clothes first!

Trotting on the beach.
Holly and I had great fun running along the beach getting our paws wet and sandy!

We met up with a family walking along The Wall and they had a young dog called Pete, who said hello and we had a little chase around with him!

Pete and family!
 On the way back OTL saw this Peacock Butterfly on the ground having a sun bathe! He got a couple of pictures before it flew away!

Peacock Butterfly.
For the little time I saw it, it looked very pretty with it's wings laid flat and it looked like it had four eyes.
A bit like OTL, he's got four eyes, but he's not as pretty as the butterfly!

We had chicken for dinner, it certainly made a welcome change from the Doggy Food!

Can't wait until we get a bite of the pig bones OTL bought, but I think he is keeping them for our Easter Holiday!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly