Thursday, 24 May 2012

Misty and Sun Today!

Yo Ho Woofers!

It's Daisy & Holly back again!

We have had a busy day today, doing nothing! We love days like that!

After all the hard work watching Old Two Legs shovelling earth for all he is worth, we let him have a play with the shovel again this morning. So, he has shifted some more earth out to the front of the house and put it near the skips.

Our morning walk along The Sea Wall was all full of sniffs and there were some visitors with their dogs as well.

One little terrier type was a ball of teeth and tail and he wasn't allowed on the ground for a sniff 'cos his owners thought he may bite everyone!

We heard some singing and wondered who it was singing a silly song about putting you leg in and out. So, carefully we crept around the corner to see a Sea Gull marching around the rocks singing!

Yer put yer left leg in, left leg out, in out in out and shake it all about!
 OTL even thought that was funny!

Then we had a joke on OTL.

As the tide was right out, there was a patch of beach that had more sand than stones, so, we told OTL that we were going to dig our very own pond and this is how he should dig the hole!

This is how it's done!
Then, we showed him the ideal depth of the hole, for us!

and at least this deep!
OTL said that if we kept on showing off he would put us in the hole and fill it in again so only our tails showed above the sand!

That was it, Holly said that would be the last time she gave him any help on how to dig a hole!

A bit further on we met up with a Westie who was having a run around by himself, so we joined in and chased each other around in the long grass for a bit!

Yo! Westies R Us!

Back home he had another look at the mountain of earth and decided it was just too hot to do any more shovelling, he would leave the rest until tomorrow!

After fiddling about in his office we told him he was working too hard and he should take us out for a walk down by The Sea Wall!

Off we went, in the sun shine, the window was open a little, so we stuck our noses out and had a 'Speed Sniff' of the road side as we passed!

When we got to the Sea Wall, what a shock! There was Sea Mist blowing in onto the beach!

Here comes the mist!
It looked really strange, blue sky, warm sun shine and chilly mist on the breeze!

As we walked along the wall it got really heavy with mist and Holly nearly bumped into a fisherman on the beach 'cos she didn't see him until the last moment!

Who's That There?
It even made Holly jump!

We decided we wanted to go back to the warmth of the garden so off we went back to the car as soon as possible!

Where's the sea gone?
At one point we couldn't even sea the sea from the path!

Back home, snooze time then mug OTL for some of his curry!

Must get off to bed early tonight 'cos we got to wake OTL up good and early so he can get the rest of the earth out of the back garden ready for when the next skip arrives!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly (Still Misty-fied!)