Friday, 7 October 2011

A New Chicken For Holly

Hello Woofers!

It's Daisy & Holly here with you again via Cromer on The Wash!

Old Two Legs was off this morning after taking us for a stroll along the Sea Wall this morning. We chased the rabbits as normal and as normal, they got away!

Hello Mr Rabbit?
There was a couple of fishermen teaching the worms to swim and a big dog was guarding their fishing rods! We had our walk and got back to the car just before it started to rain, which was good as far as Holly and I were concerned. I mean, I don't mind swimming and getting wet but I would rather not get wet from the rain, it always seems colder and goes straight through my fur!

Back for breakfast of Chicken Doggy Food, no thanks, not unless I'm desperate or starving to death!

A little later there was chicken, cooked just right and served with doggy biscuits, scrumptious!

OTL got all his stuff down and loaded it all into the car then came back to say good bye, Holly and me both gave him a lick, I licked his ear and Holly licked his nose!

Lunch time I had to remind The Missus about our walk and she took us down to the Sea Wall! Holly was going on about how tasty the chicken was this morning and how she wished she could have had more, I said she would explode if she eat any more! Then we both got a whiff of a sort of chicken smell, close, strong but with a more earthy sniff. I stood up on my hind legs, like I do, and had a good look around, then I spotted it.

I smell Chicken!!!
It was a sort of chicken sized bird but all bronze and golden coloured and it had a very long tail. I know it was a long tail 'cos it was pointing towards me!

Off I went after it, like a streak of light, Holly was close behind me and she was STEAMING!

Now it's OK chasing birds and even chickens but when they think you are getting too close, they fly off!

Very bad sports they are and yes, that's what this bird did, off it went into the air, the most enormous male Pheasant I have ever seen, I mean, it would have been breakfast, lunch, dinner and tomorrows breakfast all in one!

I put our lack of success down to an over extended tummy due to the super chicken we had for breakfast, but on the other hand, Holly's failure I put down to her expanding tummy and big bottom!

To add insult to it all, we got covered in burrs chasing that bird and we had to put up with TM picking them out for an hour or so!

Back home for dinner, more doggy food, :-(

OTL telephoned to say he got to the hotel and there are no dogs here, just a big cat who hissed at him! Holly wants to go up there and show that cat what happens when a guest gets hissed at!

We had a chat with OTL and he says he is going to have an early night 'cos he has got to be up early in the morning, which would be no trouble if we were with him!

We are going to cuddle up on his jacket this evening and pretend he is here with us, well, his smell is anyway!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly

P.S. Max, we have been told that if you do that too often to the cushion, you'll go blind, or then again, it might be deaf?