Friday, 13 January 2012

Rush around Friday

Hi Woofers!

D&H back with you on a sunny Friday.

Old Two Legs has been rushing around today trying to get loads done and ending up getting nowhere, as usual!

We saw a crow eating shell fish today and Holly tried to get a good look at what it was eating, but every time she got close, the dopey bird flew off!

'ear! Got any chicken?

I stayed well away, 'cos I know that if you start to run where it is all green and slimy you will only fall over and end up with a smelly rump!

Then OTL tells you off and you get all your parts washed when we get home!

We had a good run down The Farm this afternoon, loads of Badger Hunting and Squirrel Chasing, except that we didn't see any squirrels or badgers, but we pretended we did!

Holly found a hole and kept woofing down it, I think she was trying to wake up whatever it was that was sleeping down there!

Yo! Wake up you Dopey Badger!
Needless to say, nothing happened!

OTL has been having a bash with his printer this afternoon, so we didn't get our walk until late and we had to put on our flashing collars.

Didn't we look the business!

Flash or wot!

Off for some lambs heart for dinner, so, must rush!

See you tomorrow, have a good weekend!


Daisy & Holly