Monday, 6 April 2015

Good Signs!

Hello Woofers!

Us here, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Well, thanks for all the kind wishes for Snowflake. We are pleased to report that she was alive all night and we know that 'cos Old Two Legs kept on getting up to check!

This morning she was awake and eating a little. OTL says her poo is almost back to normal, and that's a good sign!

Trying to get her to take her medicine in another thing!

She has to have her Anti Biotic stuff, by mouth, and as OTL says, 'You'd think I was trying to get her to drink molten lead'!

She wouldn't let him squirt it down her throat, the vet did that yesterday, mixing it with Ferretone made it look like OTL was trying to poison her!

OTL mixed it up in a load of Ferretone but we are sure she hasn't had her full dose for today, so, tomorrow he is going back to the vet for some help!

She was separated from Brambles yesterday and over night, in case of infection but this morning she was desperate to get out of the cage and at one time was trying to bite through the steel bars!

In the end OTL gave in and half way through the morning she went back with Mr Brambles. The pair cuddled up with each other and fell asleep!

Before all that OTL decided that Snowflake should stay in her cage and took Mr Brambles out for his morning walk!

Of course, not having Snowflake to tell him what to do and where to go, he was enjoying the freedom of  'Self Determination'! 

OK, you hang on, I'm off for a wee!
 And of course, it was up to him when he came back!

OK, I'm back, off we go!
On the grass path he dived off the side and was having a great time rolling in the grass and enjoying the warm sun shine on his back!

This the Life!
Up on the Top Path he found that Super Sniff he found yesterday and dived straight in for another roll!

The way he was rolling about you could see he enjoyed a roll as much as us woofers!

This just Greeeeeeat!
That was until OTL told him to get up and 'Come On'!

....but, I haven't Finished yet!
OTL heard a woofing behind us and saw it was that big Doodle Dog that Snowflake had nipped on the nose a few weeks ago!

I got a bit worried and got close to OTL but he was too worried about Brambles and was too busy picking him up rather than me!

Pretty quickly, the Two Legs came running up and put the Doodle Dog on his lead, that sorted him out!

That will teach you!
Back home we went to a Chicken breakfast which slipped down a treat!

Both ferrets were comfortable tucked up together and Snowflake was eating and pooing more like normal so OTL is not so worried as last night!

Lunchtime we were out again and down the beach we went.

First we came across a family who had put up a tent to keep the wind out, and also hide the food!

Holly was straight in and sniffing!

Come on, Show us yer Food!
I left Holly trying to do some mugging and I headed for the water!

Hey! Holly! Look! Fishes!
Not that she fell for that! In the end, without getting a nibble, we headed off down The Sea Wall.

Before long we were down on the beach again and there, on the beach, without our permission, sat a family of Two Legs, eating lunch!

That looked like a challenge!

We plotted and planned and just when we were ready to go, OTL decided to head off home!

OK, Pincer Movement followed by a chase into the sea?
OK, so we didn't do it really, instead we headed off to do some mugging at home!

As we got closer to the car park, the Hawthorn tree was in full blossom and there, diving into the flowers was a fresh looking butterfly enjoying the sun and the nectar!

First Peacock of the year!
Back home, the poo tray was looking good and both ferrets were fast asleep enjoying being together again!

So, tomorrow, the vet again and who knows what else?

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.