Monday, 30 March 2015

Back to Earth with a Splosh!

Hi Woofers!

Champions here, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Well what a weekend we have had and it didn't really end until yesterday when we saw the prezzie OTL and us got from Lucy Babe and Marianne (her Mum). Now we are not sure of the technical description but it is the Doggies Doo Dars!

There's a picture of Old Two Legs with Holly and Me sitting next to him, it shows his knobbly knees and his Sand Boots as well!

It has at least five layers of Stamping, all hand painted and cut out so it all looks real!

The Missus says it is Decoupage and it certainly looks a really skilled bit of work!

OTL says he is going to take a picture of it tomorrow and then I can put it on tomorrows blog.

We have decided that we are going to hang the whole thing up on the wall next to his chair in the lounge, so we can see it when we're sitting next to him tasting his shortbread!

Big BIG Thanks Marianne and we'll get Lucy to give you a big lick for us!

Now, The Missus reckons that it was a birthday present for her but we reckon she has had enough presents this year, so this is OURS! 

We were really tired this morning and the mucking about with the clocks didn't help, even TM was an hour late getting up!

 OTL picked up the wrong camera, so it's all B&W today!

The sun was up and warming the beach before we got there but it stayed long enough to show off it's reflection in the sea!

The ferrets had a super time 'Ferreting About' in the new growth of wild flowers, or as OTL calls them, Weeds!

It was good to see them rolling around in the sniffs again 'cos they weren't allowed to do that on Saturday because of the show!

Nothing like a good ferret!
Back home OTL was working on the computer, something about the VAT quarter, what ever that is!

Mind yo, we kept an eye on the clock and at the stroke of One, we started with the 'Hairy Eyeball'!

First it was Holly!
It seems he didn't see Holly, or was pretending not to see her, so, I gave him the 'Seriously Hairy Eyeball'!

Ignore this if you can!
It worked!

Down on the beach Holly was going potty running up and down the sand, finally she decided to dig a hole, well, she pinched my hole while I was having a rest in the mud!

A Holly Hole!
As I said, I got sort of Exhausted and just had to have a lay down, in the mud!

OTL called me a Mucky Puppy and I got washed when we got home, so now I sniff like a Tarts Handbag, or so OTL says!

On top of The Hill we met up with The Lads and had a chat about the sniffs. All of them reckon I was sniffing super in my mud boots!

Hello Lads!
Tonight we have got Auntie Jane and Uncle Ian coming over, so we're off to prepare for some serious mugging tonight!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.