Sunday, 28 August 2016

Wet Butt and No Ball

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!

Well, what have you been getting up to today?

It's Bank Holiday Weekend and everyone seems to want to get away for a few days holiday. They all crowd onto the road and sit in traffic jams for hours!

Down here we did one better, we got a lorry that knocked a foot bridge down, closing the motorway for a day or two. There was an enormous traffic jam and it was on the main route to the channel crossing!

We stayed at home!

I had an early morning swim while Holly got her butt washed by Old Two Legs 'cos it was all grubby!

I gotta 'Self Cleaning Butt'!
Holly don't like water, Holly don't like being stood with her back legs in the sea, Holly don't like having OTL wash her grubby butt with the cold water!

Wot is worse, Holly don't like a ferret spotting that Holly has a grubby butt and then telling OTL so he can wash Holly's butt clean!

Look! She got a Grubby Butt!
Little Miss April stayed out of it and had a small dig in the sand until the excitement died down!

Leave me out of it, I'm happy in the sand!
 So, in the end Holly got a damp butt and I got soaked to the skin!

We headed back home 'cos OTL has been working on the bathroom floor, putting new tiles down. He says it is so fiddly and all that crawling around on his knees makes him tired!

Any excuse to sit down for a rest!

Lunchtime there was some rain, not much, 0.6mm according to OTL's 'Weather Station' but it was wet enough make Holly think about staying indoors, especially if she is going to get another grubby butt!

Well, the rain stopped and Holly's butt stayed clean!

Rain clouds over Sheerness!
 Now, yesterday I lost my rubber ball 'cos I dug a hole that was so deep the ferrets wouldn't go in and get the ball!

Today they offered to dig around to see if they could find it, providing they could have a game of 'Fetch the Ball' when they dug it up.

We want have a game with it, OK?
Well, they dug down into the sand and with the pair of them, Wendy and Freddy, going strong it wasn't too long before they dug a hole to be proud of!

It was as deep as the hole where we buried the ball yesterday, the only trouble is, they dug it in the wrong place!

Well, it 'aint here!
 Mind you, I couldn't remember where I dug the hole, so it looks like that ball has gone for good now. I'll just have to bring one of the other balls tomorrow, it is going to be difficult choosing the right one!

Yeah, I'll make sure it is a 'Ferret Size' ball, OK?
These ferrets are getting so bossy nowadays!

OK, what is all this 'did you sing a happy anniversary song to Mrs Sue and Mr Mike?' ??

We knew nothing about anniversaries and it wasn't until we checked with The Missus who has access to FaceAche and she said it was their Golden Anniversary.

So, better late than never...............................Happy Anniversary!

Tomorrow OTL will be trying to finish off the flooring so that means Holly and I get a chance to have a snooze while watching him work!

Life's good like that!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.