Sunday, 5 June 2011

To Tudeley and beyond!

Hello Woofers,

D&H back again.

What a day! Old Two Legs has spent most of the morning banging and crashing around in the loft doing repairs to the plumbing!

One of the 'jobs' on the long list he gets from The Missus each week, is to fix the dripping overflow on the tank in the loft.

OTL is not safe with water, even when he washes the car or caravan he normally ends up soaking wet, so, playing about with a water system inside the house is full of danger!

Last year he went to turn off the water at the mains before going on holiday and snapped the handle off the tap, so, emergency plumbers, OTL and water don't mix well in this house and normally end up costing him money!

Cutting a long tail short, he managed to install a new thingy and the overflow has stopped dripping and we didn't get a waterfall of water down the stairs or see the house float off down the street!

To celebrate this success, OTL decided to go out to a new place and watch for birds.

He has located a RSPB site at Broadwater Warren, near Tunbridge Wells where he thinks there could be Nightjars lurking! Trouble is, it's new and there are no signs pointing to it and the car parking is limited and the road doesn't show up on the Sat Nav.

Yep, that's right, we didn't find it and OTL's hay fever didn't help either, he gets all 'Grumbly' when he starts sneezing. He got all Showy Off AND Grumbly, turned the car around and went off to Tudeley Woods, which was near, and on the Sat Nav!

Now Tudeley Woods is not a place to get lost in, it is dense undergrowth and a pine plantation. Just to be a spoil sport, OTL kept us on our lead all the time, well the RSPB Manager said that dogs aren't allowed but as we were such well behaved puppies and OTL had a pocket full of poo bags we could go on the site but we had to stay on the lead.

Off we went, sniffing away but there were no doggy sniffs, foxes, yes, squirrels, yes, two legs, yes but very little doggy smells. So we added a few of our own, except that OTL picked them up in the poo bags, but we got away with a wee or two!

No Doggy Smells!
There were some rhododendron bushes scattered around in the woods, the flowers help break up the green and brown of the trees and OTL just had to stop and take a picture, or two!


Or Three!

Rhododendron in the woods.
We startled a squirrel and chased him up a tree but we know from experience that once they are up the tree then it's not worth chasing them any more, so we let him go with just a warning that we were around!

We had a good four mile walk around the woods and by the time we got back all hot and thirsty and worn out. We slept all the way home,waking just in time to rush in and eat our dinner!

Not the most exciting day, but we did get out to a new place and leave our mark before any other dogs had got there!

Off to sleep now, see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly