Tuesday, 4 November 2014

TM's Off The Prezzy List!

 Hello Woofers!

We are here again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

We couldn't go to our normal beach this morning 'cos they are digging it all up and resurfacing the tarmac surface, so, OTL takes us to our local field and would have taken us to the beach, but there was a big herd of cattle blocking our way!

Well if it's not one thing then it's another!

Still, we saw the Power Station and the Gas Storage Tanks from a different angle!

Is that Grain I see before me?
 We were all having fun on the new marshes, mainly because it is covered with Bull Poo! I won't tell you what Old Two Legs called it 'cos it's rude!

The ferrets had fun sniffing the new sniffs 'cos they hadn't come across Bull Poo before and they kept calling out to us all to 'Watch Out, There's a Pile over here!'

Just spotted another pile!
 Miss Snowflake just wanted to get back in the bag 'cos as she said, 'All this stuff makes me scared'!

I have decided I don't like this!
 Holly and I were having a great time, we ran all over the place trying to kick up some rabbits but I think that the cattle had scared them all off!

So, Holly and I had another game, we ran as fast as we could and the trick was not to step in the Bull Poo!

Tip Toe Thru The Bull Poo, Thru The Bull Poo, Won't you follow me!
 I won, well, I didn't step into any until the last moment when Holly stopped suddenly and called out, 'Look, Rabbit Poo!'

Actually, it was Bull Poo that was well past it's 'Done Date'!

Mind The Poo!
 We got back home and both Holly and I were a bit hungry. The Missus said she was going down to the butchers to get our Ox Heart and cook it up for us.

Now we were a bit puzzled 'cos she normally has to order it first before picking it up, but off she went in the car into the next village to get our meal.

Holly and I sat by the window waiting for her to return and our tummies were rumbling away as though they were about to fall out!

Then we saw TM come back and we woofed and jumped about 'cos we were so excited about having OX HEART!

TM came in and we followed her to the kitchen where she got out a tin of Doggy Scoff and put that in our food bowl!!!!!!!!

Doggy Scoff?????? What happened to the Ox Heart?

Holly said that it was a good job that we aren't on Face Book 'cos if we were we would 'De Friend' here straight away!

Still, OTL is still our friend and at lunchtime he took us to The Forest where we had a good run around chasing squirrels!

Oh yes, he was running around chasing Fungi!

A Bracket Fungi on a Silver Birch branch.
Then he found some small Parasol type of fungi that was growing right at the bottom of an old stump.

A Parasol Fungi.
I was on the lookout for squirrels 'cos Holly said that you could roast them over a fire and they tasted just like chicken!

Just Like Chicken?
OTL has started to look at Moss's now, you'd think he would be happy with just the fungi!

Still, it keeps him quiet!

Greeny Type of Moss!
 Then he found another that a week or so ago he thought might have been fungi but now he has identified it as Moss Flowers!

Moss Flowers?
 As Holly says, 'You won't get many Bees on those flowers!'

 There was a real damp sniff in the air today, so we reckon that it's going to get a bit colder and Autumn is going to arrive very soon!

I mean, just look at this tree!

Autumnal Reflections!
 OK, I know it's a bit naff but what do you expect from two poor starving puppies?

Got any Sarnies?

See you all tomorrow, the Whizz Bangs have started and Holly is throwing a Wobbler!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.