Tuesday, 1 April 2014

A Fine Day For Swimming!

Hello Woofers!

Us here again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

It has been glorious today, the sun has shone all day and it has been super warm as well, in fact, it was so warm that I had to take a swim to cool off, but more about that later!

After yesterdays massaging by Old Two Legs my back end was back to normal this morning and as a 'Thank You' I jumped onto the bed this morning, while it was still dark, and gave OTL a good ear licking!

This messing about with the clocks really throws out your own body clock, I'm still awake when we go to bed and half asleep when we have to get up!

The ferrets are still trying to work out when to get up. Since the clocks got messed up they have been over sleeping and instead of running down the cage to say 'Good Morning' to OTL, they are still snoring their whiskers off and don't even wake up until OTL has finished his paddle on the rowing machine! Mind you, they were wide awake and rattling on the door to be let out when OTL turned up with their morning bowl of Lactose Free Milk!

Down on the beach Mr Brambles was having fun chasing Holly all over the place. Holly and I stopped for a 'Sniff' and without warning, up crept Mr Brambles singing, 'With a little sniff here, and a little sniff there, sniff sniff here, sniff sniff there, going to have a sniff sniff everywhere!'

Poor Holly just couldn't settle down to a sensible sniff!

Sniff sniff here, sniff sniff there.......!
 After a while Miss Snowflake came over and said that she wanted to have a climb up the Rock Wall and Mr B was to leave us alone!

Come on, leave the Woofers alone.........!
 We were pleased that she took him off out of our way, that way we could get a detailed sniff of the beach!

OK, now traverse over to the right and then off you go!
 It wasn't too long before they got up to the top of the wall and Mr Brambles was talking about the view!

Just look at the view from here!
 Back home there was a super big bowl full of Ox Heart for me and one for Holly, super scoff! We then spent the rest of the morning snoozing or woofing at anyone who dared to pass our front window!

Lunch time was great!

We started off having a ferret around looking for rabbits but there had been a couple of woofers charging about before we got there, so, no rabbits!

Rabbits have all gone!
So, off we went to have a look at the sea and it looked really strange 'cos there was some sort of Sea Misty stuff that made it difficult to tell what was sea and what was sky!

Well, it's out there some where!
Mind you, I wasn't going to be going too far off shore, so I found a little bit of wood that OTL tossed into the sea for me to chase!

It was super cool in there but Holly said that she was going to stay on shore and sniff the beach!

Now I'm Swimming!
 Of course, every time I was in the water I tried to keep my tail dry by sticking it up in the air, just like a periscope!

Periscope Up!
 That small bit of wood soon fell into small bits and OTL had to find a bigger stick! I had a great time diving in and fetching the stick back again! The stick was big enough not to fall apart as I chewed on it on the way back in!

Now I've got a BIG STICK!
 I enjoyed a good run along the beach and pretty soon had dried off enough to go back to hunting some rabbit!

The only problem was, the rabbits were too far away and in their silly squeaky voices, they were calling us names!

Can't Catch Us! Can't Catch Us! Can't Catch Us! Can't Catch Us!
Holly and I are going to make a plan to teach those pesky rabbits a lesson!

Back to the drawing board!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles