Monday, 3 February 2014

The Hunt is On!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss Twinkle and Mr Brambles back again!

Another sunny but windy day today!

Old Two Legs was treated to a good 'Get Up' licking this morning, about four thirty, well, we had just completed another 'Puppy Patrol' around the house and wanted to 'Report In'!

OTL just grumbled and turned over and went back to sleep!

The ferrets had some fun on the beach, Holly and I start to dig a big hole when Mr Brambles charged in and took it over! He is a right bully sometimes, I mean, it was our idea and our hole!

We'll Be Back!
 Of course, Mr Brambles went off to do his own thing and I thought it was safe to get back in the hole, little did I know who was creeping up behind!

Softly Softly!
 Just when I got going, who should creep in? Miss 'Sneaky' Snowflake!

Nearly scared to Tail off me!

Yikes! Where did she come from!
That was it, we gave up digging and headed back home for an exciting bowl of Doggy Scoff!

Lunch time the tide was right in and the wind was blowing down the Medway, so although it was sunny, it was still a bit cold when the wind got into your face!

We spotted a couple of Fishermen on the beach and OTL passed the time of day with his normal question of 'Any Luck Yet?' 'No' was the answer but as one said, 'it's better than working!'

Nothing Yet!
 It was fun watching the waves crash into the Sea Wall and Holly asked if I fancied a swim, Silly Woofer!

Wet and Windy!
 OTL that it would be too cold for swimming or even a paddle and as Holly was standing at the Sea Wall a wave splashed up in front of her!

Close one!
We met up with a few of the lads and of course all of them said 'Hello' to OTL and they all had a cuddle with him. The wind was a bit strong and pretty soon we were all asking to get on home!

Pleeeese! Let's Go Home!
Back home the ferrets were still sleeping, Mr Brambles on the cushion, Miss Snowflake in the SAS Bag and Miss Twinkle was half in and half out of the Ssssh Bag!

OTL had printed up some notices and sealed them in laminate to protect them from the rain. Off we went and using cable ties, he strapped them to loads of lamp posts and bus stops all along the main road in and out of the area where Twinkle had been found, and he even put one outside the school gates!

So,  fingers crossed, Twinkles owners may see the notices and give OTL a ring, but if they don't, well, I'm sure that in time she will settle down with us!

OTL reckons that she is a 'Lone Ferret' 'cos when she is with Mr Brambles and Snowflake she is a bit 'Snappy' but when she is outside the cage and in OTL's arms, she will happily lay on his arm for twenty minutes being stroked with out wriggling or trying to move!

So OTL reckons that she has a family somewhere who hopefully is missing her and will see the notices on the lamp posts, claws crossed!

Let's see what the next few days will bring!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss Twinkle and Mr Brambles.