Sunday, 31 March 2013

Time Travellers?

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here again!

We had the weirdest night last night, you see, we went to bed at our normal time, about half ten. Everything was as normal, Old Two Legs was snoring his head off and so was The Missus, then Holly started to snore and I just rolled over and went to sleep.

Now, we normally get up around six for a wee and then back to bed for our 'After Wake Up Snooze' but this morning, when we woke up, it was seven!

We have been teleported an hour into the future last night!

Now this has some serious implications! That means we would have missed our morning breakfast 'cos we would have been out for a walk the same time TM puts our breakfast out and if we don't eat it straight away, it gets taken away. So, if we're not there to eat it, Poof! it's gone!

You know, if this isn't put right we will have to get up an hour earlier every day, just to get fed!

We were still discussing our problem when we were walking along The Sea Wall and an Oyster Catcher said that we were lucky to get fed on time 'cos the tide was always changing and messing up his diner time by an hour every day!

Late Breakfast, Early Lunch, it's all the same to me!
As Holly said, 'It's OK when you know that it is going to change, but not so good when it surprises you without any warning!'

Lunchtime we met up with Max & Oscar & Pam. Oscar had got a cyst on his neck and it has taken a few visits to the vet to get him sorted out but he seems well on the mend, you can tell that 'cos he was all over OTL! 

Hello Girls, Hello OTL!!
 Besides Max & Oscar, there is Pam, she is getting on a bit and sometimes she can be a bit grumpy!

Today was no different, she was doing the old 'Woofing Trick', well that was until Holly took a look at her and said, 'My Oh My Pammy, that is the best coat I have ever seen, it takes years off you!'

Well, that was it, Pammy shut up, went all 'Little Puppy' and asked if it made her tail look nice and big!

Now I know that Holly can be crafty but that was the best yet! She is really a 'Silver Tongued Devil!'

Does My Tail Look Big?
 We went off along a path we hadn't tried before and Holly and I were on the look out for rabbits and missed the Pussy Cat sitting in the long grass waiting for a pigeon. OTL spotted him and didn't tell us!
 As we were a bit ahead of OTL we didn't hear it going Hiss at OTL, if we had, then that cat would still be running!

 The path was not very interesting 'cos it didn't lead anywhere and there were no rabbits! Just a few sniffs of doggies we already knew and one or two that were new to us!

OTL found it interesting 'cos he spotted some buds that had burst, OTL reckons that's because they are in the valley and are protected from the wind and get the warm sunshine!

Spring really is here!
 Back home OTL had a great game with Snowflake and her squeaky toys and he even took her out into the garden for a run around the pond. I think that as soon as the weather warms up we will be down The Sea Wall and Snowflake will see the sea for the first time!

That should be fun!

Fingers crossed for sun shine tomorrow and not time slips or teleporting tonight, we are confused enough as it is!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake