Friday, 4 April 2014

Ferret Holes, Eileen's New Video and Scary Squirrels!

Hi Woofers!

What a day today! It's us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

What a super morning, the wind was blowing gently and the Sahara Sand had gone, so no camels!

We did look for them but we saw nothing! Which made us very glad, especially Holly Dog!

Is that a Labrador or another Camel?
 Of course, Mr Brambles was winding Holly up, as he normally does!

Hey! Look! A Camel with a Waggly Tail!

Poor Miss Holly just couldn't live it down, so, she just kept her mouth closed and went off sniffing plants!

Talking of plants, we have got loads of these plants growing on the Sea Wall, it won't be long before the flowers bloom and there will be tons of insects feeding and of course, guess who will be there with his Macro Lens?

Looks just as good without the flowers!
Back home Miss Snowflake was playing a game with Old Two Legs, she was chasing about doing her War Dance and jumping onto Mr Brambles who just rolled onto his back and laughed! Then she chased OTL and kept tugging on his socks!

Then she disappeared, OTL couldn't see her anywhere, then he heard a scuffling sound above his head and guess who was poking over the top of the cage?

Can't Catch Me!
Holly and I settled down to a big bowl of Ox Heart, then we both had a snooze in OTL's office while he was playing around with the video for The Missus. You know, he does make such a noise when it doesn't go right!

Lunchtime we were off to The Forrest, great fun, the squirrels were out and dashing about all over the place. At first they stayed high in the tree and wouldn't come down to play!

No, I'm Staying Here, Thank You!
 Then they would dash from one tree to the next, jumping from branch to branch at great speed!

Of course, Holly and I stayed on the ground and called them all the silly names we could think of, just to get them down to our level!

Soppy Squirrels! Bet you can't catch Us?
You know, if you keep on long enough, there is always one daft squirrel that will come down!

Trouble is, they go up faster than they come down!

A Squirrel doing a 'Fast Exit'!
 There was one daft Squirrel who sat up in the tree and kept shouting at us to 'Clear Off'!

Go on, Clear Orf!
Well, we weren't having any of that! So, Holly and I stood by the bushes under the tree and pretended to find the squirrels hoard of nuts!

Then we pretended to eat them!

Yum Yum! These Nuts taste good!
Of course, dopey squirrel, down he came, chattering away at us and threatening to sort us out!

Then as he got close, Holly went charging at him! Problem was, she did her charge just a little too early, and the squirrel did a quick reverse and shot back up the tree!

Come Here Squirrel Nutting!
OTL and I had a good laugh about that!

So, now we know the squirrels are about, we plan to visit The Forrest a little more often!

Back home, OTL managed to get the video to upload and finally TM has stopped moaning at him to finish it off.

Have a look!

 See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles