Friday, 28 February 2014

The Return of Grumbly Tum!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles have returned again!

What a Yuk day it's been!

It started off last night, we all went to bed as normal and Holly and I went for our normal wee and a woof in the garden.

Old Two Legs 'Aurora Alert' went off  but he saw nothing and went back to bed. Then I woke up, not feeling too good, did a quick 'Wake Up OTL! I NEEEEED To Go Out NOW! and off we went, I headed for the back of the garden and OTL looked into the sky just in case he could see the aurora. No chance, as normal, next door had most of their lights on which blocks out the night sky in our garden, great for spotting foxes and hedgehogs but no good for stars and stuff like that!

OTL says it must cost them a fortune to keep all the lights on like that and it's a good job he doesn't have to pay their bill!

Well, after a while I came back in and we went through the 'Kit Inspection' and  'Butt Washing Ceremony' and at three thirty we headed back to bed for a cuddle and some more sleep.

That was until The Missus starts bouncing about saying that she can't get to sleep and it's our fault!

If she didn't spend all the time bouncing around then she would go back to sleep!

By the time we were supposed to get up we could hear the rain beating against the windows and the wind blowing as well, I stuck my head back under the duvet and went back to sleep!

When it got time to go out for a walk I had decided I really didn't want to go and Holly and the ferrets would have to go on their own, then I crawled under TM's fleece and went back to sleep with my tummy doing some really strange rumblings!

Down on the beach the waves had little white crests on them, so you know it is going to be windy.

The rain had stopped to just a few spots that landed like bullets on Holly's nose!

Wet & Windy!
 Both of the ferrets said that they weren't hanging about this morning and as soon as they had worked out which way was North, they headed back to the car!

No Dear, That Is EAST!
 Holly said that it was OK but charging along the beach just wasn't the same without me being there, still, she got her jog along the beach and then there was a chat with Max & Oscar who had their big coats on!

It's not the same without Old Bossy Paws!
They also met up with Barney and his Missus. OTL had spotted another terrier type heading their way so picked up the ferrets, just to be on the safe side.

Barney's Missus went Oooo and Ahhhh at the ferrets and shoved a big leather gloved hand towards Mr Brambles head. Hey Up! He thought, a Monster, and took a snap at the Black Leather Monster waving about in front of his nose. He missed but it was a warning to her for next time!

It wasn't long before they were back in the car and heading home.

Late morning we finally got some chicken, more for lunch than breakfast, but I just didn't fancy it. So OTL picked it up to stop Holly from eating it!

I went back to bed, under OTL's desk and slept the rest of the morning away!

At lunch time I still wasn't back to normal so OTL says that he will delay the walk until two thirty just to see if I felt better. Now, wasn't that kind? Of course, it had nothing to do with the rain pouring down and he could see a 'Window' at about  three fifteen!

Come the time, I felt a bit better and we decided that some fresh air would do me good as well, so, off we went.

When we got there the rain had just stopped, clever OTL, and Holly and I went off looking for rabbits.

Rabbit Chase!
It is amazing how a good chase after a rabbit or two can get you feeling better! Holly and I had a good run about and did some 'Ferreting About' in the bushes as well. In no time I was feeling on top of the world!

In fact, when I got back home I told TM that I wanted my lunch and enjoyed a good bowl full of chicken. It was cold but I enjoyed it all the same. Mind you, a hot juicy chicken with a bit of sauce drizzled on the top would have gone down a treat but I'll let her off this time!

The rest of the day has been passed snoozing under OTL's desk while he prints up those pictures of the churches, I think he is going to frame them and see if he can flog them at the forthcoming Church Fete in a month or two.

That should be fun, OTL flogging pictures and TM selling cards, a contest, and it's all for charity!

See you tomorrow and claws crossed for some more sun!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

The Sun Shine is Back!

Hi Woofers!

It's Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

Wasn't it gloomy this morning? We got up and had a look out of the window and it was all rain and clouds! We were thinking of not bothering with a walk but Old Two Legs said that by the time we got to the beach the rain would have stopped. You know what? He was wrong! It was about five minutes after we got there that it stopped!

No Rain but still Gloomy!
We all had a good run on the beach and Miss Snowflake said that this morning she would be in front! Mr Brambles didn't agree with that 'cos he says that the female had no idea where they were going anytime! He also said that he would take over the lead, at this point Miss Snowflake gave him a shove and he fell down the hill of seas shells and at the same time Miss Snowflake said.......

.....Yeah, You and Who's Army?
Talk about Girl Power!

They were still playing the 'Let's Chase the Dogs' game and tried to sneak up at the steps and catch us, as if! We just kept up a trot and left them behind!

No, they haven't seen us!
 Even along the path they couldn't catch up with us. OTL puts it down to their short legs!

Slow down, we want to nip you!
Back home there was a bowl of chicken waiting for us and then a warm bed to snooze in until lunch time!

It was about one fifteen when we gave OTL a shove on the back of his chair which is our signal that we wanted to go out again!

The sun was out and it looked glorious out there, in fact it was so good that the ferrets said they would come with us!

On our afternoon walk we go across the rabbit grounds and if we are lucky, we may even see one to chase. This is not the normal route the ferrets take but they said they were up for a change and off we went.

Miss Snowflake was running about sniffin' all over the place, it was all those piles of rabbit poo that she found fascinating!

Wow! There are loads around her!
Mr Brambles, who has never been hunting for real, was going potty running from one sniff to the other!

He had never been to a place like this before! All the plants and the little holes that the rabbits had dug were of great interest and it took ages to get him out and back on the old path!

So many Sniffs, So little Time!
Back home both ferrets crashed out and slept all afternoon! Mind you, that's what Holly and I did as well!

And they say It's a Dogs Life! Yeah, just keep it coming!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

OTL's been Working Again!

Hi Woofers!

Us here, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

It has been another one of those 'Mix Up' days. Poor Old Two Legs has been out working today, he has been fiddling about with a radio system and programming radios so that they all 'Talk to Each Other', Holly says you can just imagine a load of radios on the bench having a chat while they wait to have a new program installed!

We got out run down on the beach this morning but at lunch time we had to go out with The Missus over the fields to 'Do our Stuff!'

It was funny this morning 'cos the ferrets were in a funny mood! I think that they can tell that Spring is well on it's way and they are looking forward to a lot of fun and games!

It started off with Miss Snowflake chasing OTL along the beach, no matter which way he went, she would scamper after him chuckling all the way!

I'm coming for you!
When she got to OTL she would jump up onto his lap and bury her nose into his beard, just under his chin and still chuckling she would stretch up further and lick the end of his nose!

Holly and  just thought they were in a funny mood and left them to get on with it. That was until they came running up behind us and dived in between our back legs!

Well, we didn't need any more warnings! We were off before they could catch us again!

Us being all trusting and not looking where the ferrets were!
The ferrets had a race along side of the Sea Wall and Mr Brambles was in front, as usual when a sea gull called out and Mr B made an 'Emergency Stop' 'cos he thought it maybe a hawk coming down to eat him up!

Miss Snowflake didn't notice him stop 'cos she had her head down and was running as fast as her legs could carry her over all those shells.

Well, it was so funny, Mr Brambles all 'Stop and Look Around', Miss Snowflake all 'Full Steam Ahead'

Oi! Watch The Tail!
Miss Snowflake said that his 'Brake Lights' weren't working and he said she should get her brakes checked!

Of course, they tried to catch us up and nip our legs but we were just too quick for them, even when they tried to do a 'Sneaky' as they came up the steps!

OK, Ready to rush them?
Back home they were doing their 'War Dance' while OTL was clearing out their Poo Pots and of course, charging about all over the office floor!

OTL had them running about between his ankles and chasing the squeaky balls and Mr B even had a go at the Cat Tease!

Then we spotted him trying to kick about the big stone OTL had rescued from the front garden. That is a good sign 'cos he has ignored it for the last few days and OTL was considering taking it back to the garden!

Now, TM has been watching a TV program that had a bit about dog food and how the wet stuff (Doggy Scoff) was about 80% water and not doing us doggy's a lot of good.

Now she has found some dog food that is high in protein, 81% with a little grain and oats (not good really but it bulks it up) and a few additives like vitamins and stuff that is good for doggy's.

The only problem is, 'It Tasted Like Rubbish!'

So she said we have got to get used to it and put up with this stuff for today!

Gawd, we are starving little puppies, fading away, going dizzy with hunger, we may not last the night never mind the day!

If we are still here in the morning we may get some 'Real Food' chicken or lamb, claws crossed!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A Bit of a Mix Up Day!

Hello Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

What a day! It started off as normal, I gave Old Two Legs a good licking at about three thirty this morning. Holly woofed to be lifted up onto the bed at four fifteen and The Missus got up early to play about on her 'Blog' thingy.

OTL stayed asleep, or pretended to!

He had his morning paddle around the office while Holly and I caught up with our sleep!

Well, all our 'Puppy Patrols' around the house, every hour or so, is SO exhausting! It really wears us out!

Off we went to the beach again and this time Miss Snowflake was all up for a trot around the beach, sniffin' the sniffs!

Jus' Sniffin' The Sniffs!
Mr Brambles was doing his own thing, at the bottom of a hole, as usual!

I just LOVE a good Hole!
Holly and I sniffed up and down the beach and at one point I thought I could sniff Ferret Wee. So, I called over to the ferrets asking if they had been weeing on the rocks!

You two been down here?
Miss Snowflake said that it was none of my business and Mr B said he had better things to do, like find a site for a new hole, so I never did find out who's wee it was!

Mind your own business Daisy Dog!
We got home to a lambs heart breakfast and headed up to the office for a snooze. Well, that was the plan, but we found OTL packing up his computer and some tools. he had a job to go to which was going to last for some time!

That was OK, but how are we going to get our lunch time stroll along the Sea Wall?

No Problem, TM said she would take us when we were ready and OTL said that I had to woof at her if I wanted to go out any earlier!

Me, woofing at TM?

We saw that OTL looked unhappy and he said that he had an appointment with the dentist. Now OTL doesn't like dentists, he says they are as bad or maybe even worse that vets!

Dentist do things to your teeth and they nearly always cause OTL pain, and then afterwards, they charge him money for doing it!

OTL was not a happy puppy!

Mid afternoon he was back home again but he was talking sort of funny like. Like he had a bone in his mouth and was trying to chew it and talk at the same time! OTL said it was because he had an injection to take away the pain and it had numbed his mouth and tongue, but the injection hurt almost as much as the dentist drill and on top of that, the injection didn't really get to work until he had left the dentist and was driving home!

Poor OTL, numb mouth, no money and an ache when the numbness went!

Looks like we will have to cuddle him tonight!

TM left us mid afternoon and headed off to a Master Class she was giving and one of the local Craft Shops, seems like the class was sold out fifteen minutes after it was announced on their web site!

We think she is getting famous or should that be infamous!

Soon it'll be five bob to talk to her!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles (Digger of Holes!)

Monday, 24 February 2014

Woofers and Visitors!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Wot a busy day today!

Started out this morning with a run on the beach, as we do, Miss Snowflake was doing her 'I need a cuddle' routine!

I really Need a Cuddle!
 Holly and I were a bit further down the beach, having found a sniff that at first seemed interesting until we realised that we had sniffed it yesterday!

Holly was getting a bit fed up with Snowflakes antics in trying to get picked up. So, taking a deep breath she bellowed out 'GET YOUR TAIL MOVING YOU 'ORRIBLE LITTLE FERRET!'

 I must say it seemed to work!

We were all off running down the beach! I found a sniff and proceeded to dig a hole but Mr Brambles took a liking to it and we had a little tussle to begin with.

Gerroff me Hole!
In the end he won!

I just Love a Hole!
 He snuggled down in it and did some more digging, just to 'Finish it Off'!

Cheeky Ferret!

Lunchtime we had to go out to do some deliveries down town and guess wot? It was close to the Riverside Park! Yep! We headed down there straight after dropping the stuff off!

First of all Old Two Legs took a picture of the Old Barge, but from a different angle and unless you knew it was the Old Barge you'd think it was some thing else!

A new View?
 Up the Horrid Hill End we climbed over all over the rocks and woofed our way around the headland. OTL tried another shot of the trees making an archway over the path.

The Tree Archway
 Holly was full of fun, running and chasing me all over the place. She really had the pickle in her today, you could see it in her face every time she stopped!

A Right Pickle Puppy!
 Back home we dived into the house to find Michael and Sue had arrived, so it was 'Licky Noses' all around!

Michael showed The Missus how to turn her iPad Thingy off 'cos she was saying how the thing keeps loosing battery power!

OTL said that she should 'Read The Manual' but I think it was wasted on TM!

Another thing, they they all were, sipping tea and coffee, dipping the Shortbread biscuits into the tea and they didn't even offer us a nibble!

That's it, no cuddles or Licky Noses next time!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles (King of the Holes)

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Hunting Monsters Again!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

It's been a bit of a 'Mix Up Day' today.

It started off first thing this morning when Old Two Legs was getting ready to take us all out for our morning rampage around the beach.

The Missus said, 'I need to leave by Nine'


It seems she is off to a crop or something and wanted OTL to take her into town, in the big car. OK, that's no problem but it means we only get a thirty minute walk!

Certainly not long enough to go hunting Nargles or flushing rabbits out or even dig a few holes in the sand!

Well, we got rushed along the path and told to 'Get on with our business'!

Back home at least there was some lambs heart for breakfast!

All this rushing about means that there are no pictures of the ferrets, ferreting, as they do!

Lunch time Miss Snowflake wakes up and starts to rattle the cage and saying she wants to have a run about! Normally she is snoring her head off, but not today.

OTL waves the Ferretone bottle under Mr Brambles nose and he is awake in a moment!

Confused, but awake!

Down on the beach we all had a good game running up and down and Mr Brambles decided he was going to go 'Monster Hunting' 'cos he is fed up with loosing his carefully designed holes on the beach.

They started off by scurrying around the sea weed, looking underneath the rocks, where they could lift the rocks!
I'm sure I can sniff a Monster here!
We saw that he was doing a good job of searching the beach using a Grid Pattern of search tracking.

Holly suggested we should help, so we set about sniffing a bit further out, but that was until OTL called us back in 'cos we were heading for the mud!

OK, we'll look over here!
In the end Mr Brambles reckoned that the monster had gone to sleep under a big rock and if we all put our shoulders to it we might be able to move it. OTL said that if it takes all of us the shift the rock, just think how big the monster is 'cos he moves it on his own.

He had a point!

It's under here!
We decided to leave it alone today and have another think!

Instead, Miss Snowflake suggested they go hunting something else and decided they would 'Hunt Dog'!

I know that 'cos she sneaked up behind me and gave me a nip on my leg!

Come on Mr B, let's hunt Dog!"
OTL was busy this afternoon mounting the Sepia picture of Miss Snowflake and then he framed it and hung it on the wall next to a picture of Holly watching the birds from a bird hide!

It looks dead smart it does, now we want a picture of Mr Brambles and me on the other side of the fire place.

OTL says he thinks a picture of him should be up there as well!

No Way! That would be just too scary!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Saturday and it's Sunny again!

Hello Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

What a wonderful day today, we were out first thing and Mr Brambles insisted on sitting on Old Two Legs arm all the way down to the beach! There were times when he was looking around and sniffin' the air sniffs and then he tucked his head under OTL's chin and snuggled in to get out of the draft!

Down on the beach we all had fun digging holes and searching for sniffs!

Snowflake found a sniff again in the bush that was on the beach and had a really good roll in it. Holly was fascinated with the enthusiasm in which she showed rolling in it! Holly couldn't work out why it was so good, it sniffed just like any old bit of vegetation on the beach. Maybe it was a sniff that only a ferret could like!

Well, I don't sniff what is so great!
Miss Snowflake went climbing again on the Rock Face and said we should  take home a rock for Snowy Heights so Mr Brambles can kick it around and keep his claws nice and short!

Miss Snowflake picked out the perfect rock but unfortunately it was concreted to the ground!

I just Love this rock!
OTL said he when we got home, he would have a look at the rocks in the front garden to see if there was one suitable.

Back home it was 'Clear Up Day' and Snowy Heights was cleaned from top to bottom! That means the ferrets get let out for a rampage around the office while OTL is inside with his mop and bucket!

Well, as the ferrets were out on their own they visited every nook and cranny in the office. They were on a 'Steal and Stash' expedition.  They found several squeaky balls, a bit of rope, two pens and an old sock that had fallen down the back of the freezer!

Best of all they came upon the bottle of Ferretone, which everyone knows is a 'Ferret Favorite', they knocked it over and the cap came undone and it started to leak, one drip at a time, so, what is a ferret to do? They didn't want all that Ferretone to dribble onto the work top, so they very bravely decided to lick it up as it dripped out!

Steal and Slurp!
OTL said they were big and brave to have sat there for such a long time licking the bottle!

No, I don't believe it either!
True to his word, OTL found a rock in the front garden and after washing off the soil and stuff he put it in the bottom tray of the cage for Mr B to find when he wakes up this evening!

Lunchtime came and we were off again down to the Sea Wall, leaving the ferrets to sleep off their Ferretone Binge!

OTL took his Infrared Thingy and Holly and I chased rabbits! Now, Holly is not the best at hunting rabbits. I will sneak up to a vantage spot where I know I could see what rabbits were above ground, I'd stand there looking for any movement that would indicate there is a rabbit.

Not Holly, I get into my 'Observation Post' and start to scan the hunting ground, Holly just barges past me, knocking me sideways, and goes hammering into the hunting ground. Of course, after her entrance there is guaranteed not to be a rabbit in an area of ten miles!

Another fruitless Rabbit Chase!
 Not that I worried too much, we have never been successful in this part of the Sea Wall!

We decided to have a jog along the wall and we could see that OTL had climbed down onto the beach so he could get a 'Low Level' shot. Holly and I stayed together and let him take the photo!

Us, Doing a Jog!
After we had finished our walk, we got back into the car and headed off for home, but, we didn't get too far 'cos OTL parked up by the side of the road and got out with his camera. What was the Old Boy going to do?

It seems that he has been inspired by Micheal's pictures of churches and thought he'd have a go with the Infrared Thingy, so, here is St James, Isle of Grain.

St James, Isle of Grain
Fired up with enthusiasm, he stopped at our church which is over a thousand years old, that's a bit like OTL!

He tried two versions, the first is Infrared and some adjustment in the Channel Mixer to get the blue sky. It don't look too bad if I say so my self!

All Saints Church Allhallows
Then, flushed with success, he then does the picture in Black and White and touches it up with a bit of Sepia Tint. Not sure which one I prefer, still, it keeps him occupied!

All Saints Church Allhallows in Sepia
Well, after all that we got back home to find our meal had been prepared for us.


This is not good news, after a week of super meals with OTL where we dined on the fineness scoff, The Missus come back and it's back to Doggy Scoff! It really is not on!

Holly and I are going to withdraw our cuddles tonight, no cuddles for TM until she learns that us doggies need to be fed with real food!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles (With his own rock!)

Friday, 21 February 2014

The weekend is here!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back again!

It was a bit chilly this morning when we went down the beach, the wind was blowing and neither of the ferrets wanted to get out of the Ferret Bag in fact, Mr bramble tried to climb up Old Two Leg's leg to get back in the bag!

The thing that stopped him was the fact that his claws weren't sharp 'cos OTL had cut them last night, both him and Miss Snowflake, so she didn't stand a chance of getting back up either!

I don't care if it's sunny, it's Still Cold!
 Holly and I were having a sniff around and she said that she could sniff Sand Eels.  Now I've never sniffed sand eels before and really didn't know what they sniffed like!

We had a dig and to be honest, I couldn't sniff anything except sand!

I'm sure it's a Sand Eel!
 When the ferrets finally got going, Mr Brambles decided to stay away from the water and the wet sea weed, 'I'm off to climb Mountains' he says and heads for the cliff face of sea shells. It was so funny, his little old legs were going full speed and he was getting nowhere, the shells just carried on pouring down the cliff face!

Help! This lot keeps moving!
 Miss Snowflake, who was just a bit further down, tried a sneaky one, 'Oh Dear!' she said, 'I just can't get up the cliff face, OTL will just have to pick me up!'

Yeah! I can see OTL falling for that one!

Oh Dear! I'm Stuck!
It wasn't long before they decided to go the long way around and soon we were on the path back to the car park!

OTL had loads to do, packing stuff up and getting it down the carriers.

On the way he decided to take us down to the Sea Wall first, well, we can't miss out on our lunch time walk!

Miss Holly Dog was in a very good mood, I think it was the fact she spent some time in the back garden laying on the path in the sunshine, it always makes her feel good! 

I LOVE the Sunshine!
We raced along the beach and even dug a hole or two to get rid of some energy! Down on the beach we were out of the wind, so it was quite warm. It was only when we got back onto the Sea Wall that the wind caught us!

Hey! It's still windy up here!
We payed a trick on OTL, we let him get ahead and then sneaked around the back of the bushes, so when he called us he couldn't see where we were!

There he was, calling, whistling and grumbling when we both jumped out and woofed at him!

That made him jump!

Here's Woofing at you too OTL!
Being a school holiday, all week we have been seeing families down on the beach but today we only saw one today. Mind you, they were throwing stones into the sea, which seemed a little strange to us 'cos after throwing the stone the little Two Legs didn't go rushing into the water to fetch it back!

I mean, what is the point of just throwing stones in the water if your not going to chase them?

These Two Legs can be strange sometimes!

Stone Throwers!
Were not too sure what is happening tomorrow but if the weather holds up we may get a run out in the car to see if the forest has dry paths instead of muddy rivers between the trees!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

She's Back and OTL's In Trouble!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Last night we played a trick on OTL, around two thirty, just after our 'Puppy Patrol' we both jumped on OTL and ran around the bed woofin' an yelping like a couple of puppies!

We thought it was a great trick and it certainly woke Old Two Legs up with a start! He said he thought the house was collapsing around him!

Once he found out it was just us two, he threatened us with a night in the shed if we woke him up any more!
Spoil Sport!

Down on the beach it was all grey looking in the sky and a bit windy as well. No too cold, but Miss Snowflake wouldn't have it, she said it was Freezing and OTL should pick her up and if he didn't then everyone should give her a cuddle, Yeah, Right!

Come On, Gissa Cuddle!
When that finally failed, we all had a game of 'Best Butt' and we had to describe why our butt was best!

Mr Brambles said his was 'Manly' while Miss Snowflake said hers was 'Small and Firm' owing to the fact it was frozen stiff!

Holly said hers was 'Warm and Cuddly' and I told her she ought to try sleeping with her nose near it at night 'cos there's another description that ended in .....elly!

I said mine was the best 'cos it fitted me just right and wiggled when I walked!

'Small and Wiggly'!
OTL said that we ought to judge them just before he has to wash them when we get the 'Grumbly Tum' and see what they all look like then!

No Thanks! That's His Job!

 Miss Snowflake headed for the Rock Face and found a spot out of the wind, she said if it were not for the fact she was hungry, she might have stayed there all morning!

Not bad here out of the wind!
Back home we had Lambs Heart for breakfast and while we were eating OTL got going with the vacuum cleaner trying to get rid of all the peanut shells he had dropped on the floor, then there was the muddy paw marks on the carpet and the sofa. Holly reminded him about the carrot crumbs behind the chair and I made a note to rescue the chew from under TM's pillow!

OTL said that we had to be good puppies and not make a mess on the carpet before she came back or it would look like he hadn't cleaned up after us!

As if! 

Just to make sure, he made us sleep in the office all morning, not that it was hard work snoozing!

Around eleven thirty OTL said we should keep an eye out for The Missus, so, we took up our 'Watching' position at the bedroom window and pretty soon we saw the little car come around the corner.

Holly was the first to jump up and wave to her but she didn't wave back, we think she was pretending not to see us!
She's Back!

That was it, we sort of went potty for a while after she got through the front door, we were jumping all about and licking her nose and ears!

You should have seen the amount of stuff that got unloaded from the car, it was a wonder there was enough room for her to get in as well!

Of course, OTL was in trouble 'cos he didn't manage to vacuum all the crumbs up from behind his chair, (Holly and I sit there and eat our chews).

So, all afternoon we have been listening to TM tell us all about her trip and how The Boys were doing at Two Legs School and how they have squirrels in the garden and Long Tailed Tits in the trees!

That was it for the afternoon, OTL went back to work and we snoozed!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

We've Been Everywhere!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

It has been one of those 'Busy, Busy, Busy' days today. First of all the alarm went off at six this morning. Old Two Legs has got to have his 'Paddling Fix' on the Mary Celeste II!

We have been having a lay in the last few days, what with the other machine sinking, OTL not being able to paddle, it has been quite relaxing!

So, there he was this morning, thrashing about trying to look all macho and Yo Ho Ho Me Hearties!

Still, after the few days off he managed over one thousand strokes in thirty minutes, not bad for an old duffer like him!

We headed for the Beach and on the way, Mr Brambles popped his head out of the Ferret Bag to have a look around, OTL picked him up and cuddled Mr Brambles in the crook of his arm. That was super as far as Mr Brambles was concerned, he could see what was going on and still stay out of the wind!

To show his appreciation, he snuggled up to OTL's beard and gave him a lick, just a ferrets way of saying thanks!

Miss Snowflake on the other paw, all she wanted was to get back into the bag!

Pleeese, Can I get Back in the bag?
When she is in one of them moods she has a habit of running backwards, normally in circles until she bumps into OTL's boot, then she tries to climb up his leg!

Oh Gawd! Look, a ferret reversing, again!
 It took a little while for her to get going in the right direction and soon they found a 'Super Ferret Type Sniff' and proceeded to do a ferret style roll in it. You know, OTL didn't even tell them off!

We think that is unfair 'cos he always tells us off and calls us Smelly Nelly's!

Come on, I want a share now!
 What ever it was, it seemed to put the wind up their tails and before we knew it they were rushing up the Rock Face in a Race For The Top!

Race Ya!
Back home OTL was getting together some stuff for deliveries so that means we may get to the New Park again, if we were lucky.

As it turned out we ended up in Riverside Park which is not so big but equally full of sniffs worth sniffin!

Nah! This one is better!
Holly found a super sniff by the notice board and said it was big Water Rat who had passed by. Now I'm not going to argue with her but just when has she seen a Water Rat before?

Yes, definitely a Water Rat!
 The tide was coming in and it is surprising how Yucky it looks as it creeps up the beach!

Seriously Yucky!
 We had a walk along the Old Wall and I remember how we used to play Pirates along the wall in the summer time!

This is where we played!
 OTL said that he always seemed to take pictures 'On The Way Out' but never 'On The Way Back', so, this time he did!

Looking back towards the car park!
We went passed the Old Wreak and after some close inspection, I still reckon we could rebuild her. A few bits of wood and the Missus's Glue Pot and a couple of nails I think she would float again!

We have the Technology and a Big Hammer!
 After the Riverside Park we headed off towards Tonbridge and were amazed at the amount of water still sloshing about in the fields, it's a good job we were in the car!

All stuff delivered we headed back home for a snooze before OTL starts cooking his dinner, curry tonight, so we may get a bit of Nan Bread dipped in the gravy, if we are lucky!

OTL says that TM should be back tomorrow, so I suppose it is out with the vacuum cleaner tomorrow morning!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles