Friday, 27 May 2011

Thunder Clouds Today!

Hello Again,

Daisy & Holly back with you.

First of all a Big Happy Birthday to Ian (he's one of The Cat People), he's getting seriously old you know,  all of forty three years, now that is very very old!

Me and Holly have been following Old Two Legs around the house today 'cos we saw what he had to deliver and we knew he would be going out in the big car. First of all he took us out at lunch time but it was only around the football field. It's ok but there are no foxes or squirrels or greasy badgers lurking around every tree!

We mugged him for a bit of his sandwich at lunch time and had a little snooze, in his office, blocking the door, so, if he wanted to go out he had to move us!

Sneaky or wot?

Then it happened, he grabbed the parcels and letters and other stuff. Then he picked up his camera and our lead, that's it, we're off for a long walk, after the delivery stuff.

It wasn't too long before we arrived at The Farm, we haven't been here for a little while, so that means some more new sniffs!

New Sniffs!
 Then when we went through the Trees, there were more new sniffs!
Even More New Sniffs!
I got all excited and dashed of into the trees chasing a new sniff that turned into Pheasant that was running through the bushes!

When I stopped I could just hear OTL calling and whistling, which was just as well 'cos I didn't want to loose him and Holly so soon into the walk!

Before long we were crossing the field of corn and there were foxy sniffs there and I even got to roll in something foxy, before OTL got all 'Showy Off' and made me get up, Spoil Sport!

Sniffin' in the Corn for Foxy Sniffs!
The wind was getting up and OTL said that we were going to get some rain before the day was out, he could see rain clouds in the distance.

On the way back to the car he took some pictures of the Poppies that grow in the fields, trouble was, the wind was blowing all the petals around, so everything was blured!

He did manage one that looked OK, sort of life cycle of a poppy, except for the end bit, when it falls over!
Poppy in the Making
All the way home we kept seeing thunder clouds and rain falling down from the clouds and when we got near home we stopped and OTL took a Panoramic Photo, (in fact, it is four that he stitched together on his computer). If you click on the picture you can drag it from side to side to see the clouds close up.

Thunder Clouds over Southend on Sea

 When we got back home there was lightening and thunder crashing in the sky, so Holly, not liking all this noise, stayed with OTL in his office and sat cuddled up to him on his lap.

There are times when she can be such a big wimp!

Me? I just cuddled up with The Missus down stairs, watching the television, 'cos I knew that she was going to give us chicken for diner tonight and I wanted to be first in the bowl, for a change!

Holly soon forgot about the thunder when she got called down for dinner though and we both got our bowls at the same time!

Well, that's all for today, we are off to bed now 'cos tomorrow is Friday and OTL finishes early on a Friday so that we can have an adventure to set us up for the weekend!

We'll see you all again, tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly