Thursday, 5 December 2013

Get out the Rowing Boat OTL!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

We were woken up, as normal, by the radio turning on just as the news started. It happens every morning and if the news is boring then Old Two Legs turns it off and we go back to sleep for another ten minutes!

Well, the news starts this morning and they are talking about flood forecast for the Southeast of the country, like, that's us!

We were all awake and listening!

Seems like there is some wind coming and together with that there is a tidal surge that will mean there is a chance of us going for a paddle instead of a walk when we go out at lunch time!

High Tide down here is 13:57hr, which means that OTL will have given us our walk and have just left to go to work. So, at least we will be OK back at home 'cos that's not in danger of floods 'cos we're up a bit of a hill, not much, but enough!

You can see what is under 'Warning' by going to this link  environment-agency

We were OK this morning 'cos the tide was out when we had our walk along the Sea Wall, in fact it was still too early in the morning for Snowflake and you can tell from the look on her face!

I Don't Do Mornings!
You know, that's two of our household who Don't Do Mornings, Holly is the other one!

Mr Brambles and I are always up for a run around first thing and a run on the beach is great.

Holly and Miss Fluffy are right miseries!

I wanna go back to bed!
Mr Brambles has an upset tummy and has started 'Projectile Poo'ing', OTL thinks it may be he has overindulged in the early morning milk ration! So, nothing but water and Ferret Nuggets for a few days, just to clear him out! OTL says that if it carries on then it's 'Down to the Vet' with him! Of course, OTL has been on the Internet researching what the problem could be and has come up with all the worse things possible!

Scary or wot!

Mr B is still full of life racing up and down the beach and when he gets home he's jumping and chasing around but he has retired to bed a little earlier than normal, he still wakes up for a slurp of Ferretone if it is on offer!

We all were snoozing this morning in OTL's office, he on the other hand was getting the car loaded up with his tools, such a shame he has to go to work!

OTL got a phone call to say the first job was delayed by an hour, so he took us for a walk down on the Sea Wall. We were expecting loads of water in the fields, the roads flooded and ships running aground. When we got down there is wasn't half as bad as normal Spring Tide! All a bit boring really!

OTL thought it was going to be howling winds and freezing cold so he made us put our new coats on and didn't we look 'The Business'!

I was doing my special 'Dog Walk' and crossing my front legs, dead posh it looks too!

Don't I look good!
 Holly looked just as smart and showed off by doing her 'Wiggle Walk' while OTL took her picture!

Holly Wiggle Walking!
The coats were good and draft proof but I'm not sure what it will do if we want to have a roll in something smelly!

Holly and I were practising our walks all the way back and she showed me how to 'Wiggle'!

Step and Dip, Step and Dip!
Back home we decided to carry on with our  snoozing, both ferrets were snoring their heads off so we climbed onto OTL's bed and fell asleep.

Now we have had a snooze we're waiting for OTL to turn up again 'cos we are missing him and also we are getting hungry and are in need of some mugging!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly Snowflake and Mr Brambles