Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Revenge of Mr Brambles!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

We were up good and early this morning, well, we knew that Old Two Legs had to take Mr Brambles to the vet again to get his 'War Wound' checked and we didn't want him to be late!

As I said, 'We' were up early, OTL turned over, switched the alarm off and went back to sleep again!

He wasn't going to get away with that, so both Holly and I jumped on top of him and gave him a proper 'Wake Up' lick!

That sorted him!

A row around the office and a shower soon got him into 'Move It' mode!

It was raining while he was getting ready but it stopped as we were going out for our walk. We had decided that Snowflake could stay in bed 'cos of the rain, she doesn't really 'do' mornings and just Hates the rain!

The tide was in and I suggested that a quick dip in the ocean would be a good idea but OTL says we didn't have time and for me to 'Shift My Tail'!

Me? Shift My Tail?

Luckily, it held off raining while we went around the Sea Wall Walk and it started again just as we got back into the car!

Back home to pick up Mr Brambles and off to the vet.

Holly and I stayed in the car while Mr Brambles went in. There was no way I was going in there 'cos I've got 'Blue Coat Syndrome' which is a serious complaint and only likely to cause me to be very upset, so there!

After saying hello to a cat that was in for the yearly injection and a Lurcher who was in for an inspection and Worming Tablets, Mr Brambles got called into see the vet.

It sounds very posh when he is called in. Others get called in by their names as well, Tiddles, Sweetykins, Nellie Poo and silly names like that but when it's his turn the vet come out and calls 'MISTER BRAMBLES Please!'

You've got to admit, it has Class!

While OTL held Mr Brambles, the vet did his poking about bit with his fingers. Mr Brambles, quick as a flash whipped around and clamped his teeth onto the vets hand.

Aha! Says the vet, he remembers me! Too damn right thinks Mr Brambles, your the one that stuck me with that needle and chopped a bit off my flank plus shaved me so I get a chill if I don't wrap up good and warm in my bed!

In the end Mr Brambles let him go without tasting blood, 'Just a Warning this time' says Mr Brambles, 'Us Ferrets got feelings too you know!'

When he came out and told us I thought it was great, Holly nearly laughed he tail odd and Snowflake said it was no more than he deserved, poking about while Mr Brambles was still sore!

Back home OTL cooked up our Lambs Heart breakfast he had purchased yesterday. Now, as we had run out, he purchased four packs at the local Morrisons Super Store and when he got home, was just about to deposit three of the packs in the freezer when he decided to look at the instructions on the label. Now, this is unusual for OTL to read instruction but this time he spotted the bit that says 'Don't put in freezer 'cos it has been frozen before'!

Mmm! Thinks OTL, what shall we do now? Then he has a brilliant idea! He will 'Batch Cook' them, slice them up and put into the plastic containers that The Missus uses when she 'Batch Cooks' his twenty gallons of curry, then pop them all in the freezer!

So, this morning OTL has been busy in the kitchen, dancing around in his 'Pinny' banging pots and pans and pretending he is the winner of Master Chef!

Mind you, that Lambs Heart this morning was Particularly Good!

Lunch time came and we looked out of the window, yes, it was still raining, but OTL saw a patch of clear sky, so he bundled us and Snowflake into the car and you know what? It stopped raining when we got to the Sea Wall!

We spotted the Wormy Bird again but this tile there were no Wormy Men on the mud!

It's the Wormy Bird again!
Down on the beach Snowflake found that large lump of wood that Mr Brambles was playing with a few days ago. 'Here', she said, 'I reckon that I'll shift this with the Old Ferret Shoulder Shove!'

So, she tried, and she tried and she gave up! 'It's stuck in the sand!' she said and wandered off.

I'll use the Old Ferret Shoulder Shove!
Next thing we saw was her on the slopes of the Sea Wall, 'Hey! Girls!' she called, 'Fancy a race along the Wall of Death?'

Who's up for a race along The Wall of Death?
'No fear!' says Holly, 'You'll beat us every time!' So I challenged Holly to a race to the end of the beach and back again!

Come on Porky Puppy, your slacking!
She lost 'cos I'm faster than her!

Snowflake stuck her nose in the air and said that there was rain near, so we all galloped back to the car, poor OTL was being dragged back at twice the speed he normally goes at but at least we didn't get wet!

Come on OTL, we're nearly there!
 Just as we got into the car, down came the rain again!

Back home we all had a snooze, Snowflake curled up in her bed and was soon snoring her head off!

Before snoozing ourselves, Holly and I had a little game chasing each other around, hunting the last bit of the chew OTL gave us yesterday. I got it in the end but decided to hide it away from Holly's prying nose!

OTL reckons on having curry tonight, so that means we will only get a wipe of curry gravy on the naan bread, not exactly a feast!

Never mind, it looks like chicken tomorrow!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles, (getting better all the while!)