Saturday, 6 October 2018

Another Foggy Morning!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Eric de Ferret and Monty de Ferret here again!

It's Saturday so that is Fun Day!

The ferrets were up early rattling on the cage doors, Old Two Legs was awake early (03:30!) but Holly and I kept snoozing until it was time to go out!

When we got to the Sea Wall what did we see?

Loads of Fog!
You know we couldn't even see the fort in the middle of the Medway never mind Sheerness!

Eric enjoyed his cuddle down to the Sea Wall but had to ask me for a lift to get up the steps!

Like, I'm going to let him anywhere near my ears! He is too fond of giving Holly and I a quick nip if we get in his way!

On your bike Bro' ask OTL he's mug enough!
 OTL did give him a lift and also took this picture of me looking good!

Now, don't I just look great!
Back home Holly and I hit the sack for an hour or so while OTL did the poo shovelling!

After the ferrets were tucked up in their beds we watched a bit of the F1!

Lunchtime the fog had been blown away, mind you, it wasn't a very strong wind but it did it's job!

Now with all that fog blown away we can see wot is sneaking up on us and boy was we glad 'cos out of nowhere came this mountain of a woofer!

It was the size of a horse with big slobbering mouth and teeth that could rip your tail off and I bet that it was fed on dead ferrets and hefferlumps and little woofers like us!

It was mean and evil looking and on top of that it was so hungry it was dribbling!

Fee Fie Foo Fum!
 It came bounding down the hill towards us roaring its head off and  grinding its teeth!

Two Woofers followed by Ferrets for afters!
As this thing got nearer OTL says in his best woofer voice.........'Hello Woofer!'

That was it, one look at OTL and this meat eating mountain jumped back, turned on its tail and dashed off back to its Two Legs wot was walking along the top path!

It's a good job that OTL's Woofer Language is only really understood by us 'cos what he said could be translated as.......'Any closer and I'll rip yer legs off'! 

Down on the Sea Wall Wendy said that she could have sorted the woofer out by choking it as it tried to eat her!

We all said that was wishful thinking on her part!

I'll dig my claws into it's tongue an tickle it's tonsils with my tail!
As I said, it was OTL who saved the day, but don't tell him!

We had a relaxing afternoon watching the F1 Qualifying wot The Missus had recorded this morning. After that OTL watched the final episodes of Stargate SG1!

Today we had chicken, so tonight we are looking forward to doing some serious mugging on OTL for the meat on his dinner plate, not the rabbit food salad, just the meat!

Now, wot's all this about Izzy's dad working all night? Sound like the stuff that OTL used to do when he first started to work for himself!

Mind you, these computer things are a real problem when they go wrong, I have to get Holly to sort out this laptop when it gets the wobbles!

Now, I can hear TM unloading all her stuff from the Master Class so we are off to give her a Woofers Welcome!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Eric de Ferret and Monty de Ferret.