Saturday, 4 January 2014

The Mary Celeste is Refloated and Sails Again!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are, back again!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Last night we all followed Old Two Legs up to the office where he was disassembling the Rowing Machine. The rope that was attached to the handle had snapped where it joins the handle and OTL had fallen off the back, much to all our amusement!

Well, OTL, being an 'Old Engineer' he said he could fix it with the aid of a screw driver, adjustable spanner and a big hammer!

True to his word, the machine was reduced to bits and the rope re-threaded through the pulleys and guides and re attached to the handle using one of OTL's special knots!

Before long it was put back together and OTL was showing off by doing a few stroke with Mr Brambles on his lap!

This morning he was up before it got light and thrashing away on the Rowing Machine! Snowflake says that we should rename the Rowing Machine and call it 'The Mary Celeste'!

Holly said it should be called 'The Titanic' 'cos the way OTL rows it is bound to sink again!

Our morning walk was horrid! It was raining and wet and windy! Of course, Holly objected and was dragging her paws all the way around!

Can we go home yet?
After breakfast we went back up to the office to watch OTL clean the ferrets house. Mr Brambles had been having great fun digging in the wooden pellets that OTL put in the Poo Tray. The bottom floor of Snowy Towers was covered with pellets and of course, where Mr B had been kicking the water bowl around, all the water had sloshed about and the pellets had soaked up all the water!

It was a bit messy!

It took OTL some time and both Snowflake and Mr Brambles escaped from Snowy Towers and had great fun charging about the office kicking the boxes and other stuff all over the floor as fast as OTL was clearing it up!

Mr Brambles says it's a 'Ferret Thing'!

Lunch time we went out just before High Tide and today it is a Spring Tide, we could tell that because the water was rather high up the beach and at times it completely covered the beach!

Spring tide!
 We reckon on a day like this the only ones who are enjoying themselves is the birds!

High Speed Oyster Catchers

Now, with all this stormy weather and reports of Two Legs getting washed out to sea and drown you would have thought that messing about dodging the surf would not be the best game to play on the beach.

There are some real twerps about!

Twerpy Two Legs

We met up with Bonnie going out for a walk and we joked about going in for a swim, in a puddle!

I'm daft but not that Daft!
Back home we crashed out, as only we know how, and Holly spent the afternoon relaxing in OTL's chair!

This is the life!
 So, Monday comes and the world should be back to work again, including OTL, so we're making the most of the last couple of days!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles