Friday, 5 October 2012

What a Day!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again!

What a day it has been! First it was a run down on The Sea Wall, when we got there, it started to rain, so Old Two Legs left his camera in the car 'cos as he says, 'It don't like the wet'!

When we got back there was a message from the Computer Shop that the laptop had been returned!

So, with instructions from The Missus as well we headed off to the Computer Shop.

Now, we like it when OTL goes to the Computer Shop, 'cos right next door is The Doggy Shop!

That Doggy Shop has got to be one of our most favourite shops in all the world!

So, while OTL rushed off to the Computer Shop, Holly and I stayed in the car having a chew each!

Next stop was the place where TM can get her Electric Carpet Sweeper! She needs a new one, not because she has worn the other one out,but rather she has broken the old one, snapped the handle off by stepping on it!

She was almost heart broken when she told us about it!

So, with a new one tucked under her arm we headed back home for a nibble and then our lunch time walk.

There were a few new sniffs and some we weren't too sure off!

Wotcha Reckon? Rat or Cat?
OTL disappeared off into the grass and we thought he was looking for a rabbit but when we went back for him, there he was, on his knees photographing a fungi!

The first of the season!

Guess Wot!
Back home OTL locked himself away in the office and has started reloading all the programs onto the laptop. He has been banging his head on the wall trying to get back into the network he set up 'cos he has forgotten all the passwords!

One good thing, he has found the pictures he took of Auntie Zoe's family, he was so worried he may have lost them but, the Gods have been kind to him!

So, as the lads would say 'Whoopee!'

Whoopee! We're not lost!
OTL has got to go out very early tomorrow and will be working all day, so TM has agreed to take us out for our walks.

I wonder if we will have an adventure?

I'll let you know tomorrow night!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly