Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A Splash of rain and Holly does a Barney!

Yo Ho Woofers!

It's Daisy & Holly back with you!

We expected that it would be pouring with rain and our walk would last all of five minutes!

Surprise, surprise! It was dry and as we headed towards The Sea Wall the only water we saw was a burst water pipe by the side of the road!

Down on the Sea Wall we investigated a large number of sniffs, as we do, and Holly said that she had found a new rabbit trail in the long grass. I thought she was mistaken and we got into a technical discussion on sniffs, which Old Two Legs didn't really understand, so we carried on the discussion and he wandered off down the path leaving us all alone!

I've discovered a new Rabbit Sniff!
He didn't get too far 'cos he spotted three Little Egrets on the mud, they were jumping up and down to scare the worms to the surface!

Here, Wormy Wormy!
That started us thinking about breakfast, so off home to a bowl full of Doggy Scoff!

Well, that was it, we both showed off and spent the rest of the morning sulking in our beds!

Lunch time came and we headed off with OTL to do some deliveries but were surprised to head off to The Forest first!

We didn't mind, and Holly and I had some fun chasing squirrels, well, we told OTL there were squirrels but really we didn't see any at all!

Holly said that she could see  a squirrel and said she was doing a Barney, you know, Pointing!

Doing a Barney!
OTL was still clicking away with his camera at the trees, which was a bit odd 'cos most of the leaves have now gone!

The Leaves have Left Us!
After the walk we headed off to do OTL's deliveries and then back home to see what we had for dinner, what did we find?

Doggy Scoff!

It's a good chance that we can mug OTL for some of his dinner tonight, if we are lucky!

Now, we have got to see some of OTL's Glencoe pictures and here are some we have managed to pinch from his files!

More Trees and Leaves down Glen Etive.
 Now this next one we are interested in 'cos OTL tells us that it is a Bambi Burger on the hoof and we like Bambi Burgers!

Venison Steak anyone?
Mind you, those things on top of his head look sharp, you could get a nasty jab if he waved them about too much!
Off to mug OTL now, so see you tomorrow!

Bye Bye!


Daisy & Holly